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Winter Jogging good health or extreme

Outside the window came the cold, and the thermometer indicates a negative temperature. The home is so warm and comfortable that you don’t want to leave the warm bed and to go out somewhere, and what’s more go for a jog. Like to throw all and to go outside, where we face the cold and cold wind?

All the “pros” and “cons”

And here is our 1st positive thing winter Jogging. Is victory over oneself, though small, but still a victory. We are well able to overcome

my laziness once and for all. In addition to such as that running gives us physical form, it also strengthens our body and also strengthens the immune system and makes contrary resistant viral diseases.

Of course, if you only had been ill and your immune system is weakened, it is not recommended to immediately flee into the street. A couple of days is to rest and renew their strength. Jogging can be an additional stress on the body and worsen your condition.

We do not advise the girl’s to start their first “cross-country” encroachments in the winter. It’s not the most lightweight option for you. While your muscles will adapt and get used to a new exercise routine, in consequence of the winter run, you will feel only fatigue, but not the courage and strength.

Winter Jogging much more useful than in the warmer months. Since this is a good hardening of the body and immunity. Besides running promotes weight loss and maintaining a toned body. Prior to this, we recommend only before workouts to consult with your doctor. Do you have any health problems, you should be worn.

Why it is useful to run in the winter?

Running is the best cure for many diseases. It has beneficial effects on the body. Due to the physical exertion it is possible to achieve incredible effect for the person.

Winter running allocates the opportunity to coach some of the heart muscle, and it improves the functioning of blood vessels and heart. They become stronger and tougher. Jogging relieves stress and improves mood. It’s not a bad remedy for stress and fatigue in General. Running can help to increase the amount of oxygen s blood. 1 Jogging increases blood flow in the body. Good Jogging can help in the fight against depression. While running produces endorphins – the hormone of happiness. Systematic training to improve the condition of women. increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, decreases cholesterol and decreases the emotion of hunger.

Start with clothes

Good find winter gear for running in the winter. There is this rule: “Think outside 10 degrees warmer”. During this time you will not be so hard to perenapravitsya during exercise. It should be noted that the proper tracksuit should not hamper your movement, you should be comfortable in it. It must be easy and convenient for you.

Certainly put underneath the underwear. She eats the sweat and keeps body heat. Jacket elected waterproof and not blown. It will protect from wind, snow and frost. Warm shoes to wear don’t need(must). Then it would be uncomfortable to run. The outsole of the sports Shoe should be made of rubber, so it will not freeze in the snow or just cold weather, otherwise you will slip and break his actually something. Although now in sports shops sell special shoes for winter or “my boot”, which do not slip. On the head, put on a warm hat, so as not to prequesite her, and gloves on his hands.

Running in the winter

Here you have already weighed the positive and negative aspects of winter Jogging and still decided to run. How does it start? For starters, protect your skin. You will need winter moisturizing cream from the cold. It will protect your face and will make her lipitsa.

Be sure to warm up the muscles inside. Do not start the warm-up in winter on the street, the good of this world will not. Need a good warm up so that blood circulation was good, otherwise the muscles have a chance to shaderevent while running from the cold.

What about the clothes all clearly. Now let’s deal with breathing in winter. The scheme is very simple. Habitually in the warmer months we do inhale through the nose and exhaled at the same time and the nose and mouth. But winter follows in the footsteps of breathing differently, we inhaled and exhaled through the nose. During the winter run, try to touch your nose and cheeks to inspect their sensitivity. If they froze, their massage to restore blood flow.

To be worn in the winter time is best when light. It is recommended to train 2 hours after Wake-up or 4 hours before bedtime. If your task is just to lose weight, then you can run and 30 minutes later after he awakened.

Many people ask the question, where are trotting in the winter? Avoid icy roads and dusty trails. Choose a pure land, may it certainly be a Park or a grove. During the week you have to(must) at least 4 times to go for a run, to see the result. The stride length is 30-40 minutes, Start with 10 minutes of running. And a week later you reach 30 minutes. Be sure and stretch after running. But just not on the street, and when you get home, and then you run the risk to catch a cold. While running, the stop cannot be created. The pace you choose yourself.

When you returned home, you should immediately take off all clothes. Take a shower or bath, then dry and wipe from wearing new clothes. When you make a few chills rapid exercises and it will pass. Be sure to drink hot tea with lemon and honey.

Gadgets for athletes

Jogging is quite beneficial for the body and helps to reduce the authority. There are several useful gadgets that will help us improve our pastime in the winter.

IPod. Where in the moment without the player? It can be attached to a sports suit. It will improve your mood, and you will be able to listen to his beloved music while running, it will brighten the similarities run.

Wrist chronometer with a GPS device. This device measures your running speed, distance and does not allow you to get lost, even if you ran into a strange alley, or got lost in the woods.

The company Nike provides the sleeve with neon insert and a pocket for convenience savings mobile phone. It is very comfortable while running. And don’t need(need) to worry that he may fall.

Nike offers luxury socks from thermoscani with insulation, as well as with neon accents. Just the excellent offer for the winter time.

Let any girl will decide whether she should wear in the winter or not. But it is necessary to designate(and mean) that it is very useful for health and your figure. Do you want not only in the spring before beach season, and all year round in order to be beautiful and charming! So we want you to make the right decision!