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What is better for weight loss treadmill

When it comes to walking or running, many of us depend on people who prefer street “exercise” of the treadmill in the gym.

Which is better – running in the streets or treadmill in the gym?

Is there a difference between a treadmill (treadmill) and run on the sidewalk?

What type of running burns calories better?

What are the pros and cons of each of them?

In order to clarify the confusion and to settle this dispute once and for all, we have gathered the advantages of each fitness activities.

The surface

Begowala the track that you run at the gym – always dry and comfortable for running, furthermore it absorbs slightly, which reduces the load on knee joints.

Running outside provides a great variability of the coating, due to changes in the terrain, the various slopes. But if you run on cement pavement and asphalt, the aftershocks can be very harsh for the joints of the knees. When street the track is wet or covered with ice, it can also be not very safe.

IMPORTANT! In order to run on the treadmill indoors and outdoors (the stadium), you need to buy special running shoes (Jogging, jogging). The shock on the body can destroy your joints. Specialise running Shoe provides cushioning, thereby absorbing the shocks, keeping your joints.

For those who have problemi knees, a special treadmill at the stadium or treadmill in the gym is probably a better option for Jogging. And for those who loves to run in the gym, don’t forget to use periodically the tilt button to add and/or change the load in training.


In the winter, and cold weather training. if you are not properly prepared, you can get hypothermia, get obezvojennaya, slip and fall on ice, or even pull a muscle due to muscle spasm from the cold. Extreme heat is also dangerous.

Tip: For a carefree run on the street all year round, but especially in cold weather, wear layered clothing, if needed, you can always remove the excess. For running outdoors, wear a special bracelet with your name on it, contactame, with actions in case of problems with your zdorove (e.g. for people with diabetes), and a cell phone.


The good thing about a treadmill is that you can always know what is happening with your body. You know how much you ran, how many calories you burned (or at least should have been), how fast you’re going, know the steepness of the slope of the road. And most importantly, believe some tracks your heart rate and can warn of danger!

Treadmill is ideally suited to perform interval training, because it is so easy to keep track of your pace and speed up or slow down your speed accordingly.

Many of us spend so much time indoors, being outside, in nature have a way of “switch” and “outdoors”.

There are many portable gadgets that can give real-time data you need: speed, distance, time and expenditure of calories on the treadmill.

Tip: If you are Jogging on the treadmill detects that you follow the beat, and it distracts you, put a towel on the display.


Many people celebrate the fact that watching TV or listening to music, running on the track they are more motivated to exercise. In General, most people find running on the treadmill, a little boring.

Let’s be honest: it can be boring, running on the street, maybe a little more interesting, but not really got much choice – you need to run!

Most treadmills have built-in training programs that automatically change the angle and speed of the track, which can slightly vary your workout.

When you’re running on the street due to the change of scenery, for example, if you’re in the Park, running can be a little more fun, than running in the gym. Changing the route regularly, You will not be so boring.

Tip: If you run in the gym or on the street, find yourself a companion! This will help you not to take time off, and not to miss a workout.


Even with the various programs, the presence of feedback, the possibility of change of the slope, a treadmill is a stationary exerciser, perform the essential task is to improve your physical shape.

Even an experienced athlete, in great shape, a treadmill would have a different result on the velocity and distance in comparison with classes on the street, as the load on your body is different.

Running on the street will allow you to do lateral movement, on the treadmill, this may be unsafe. On the street, even if you think you run on a flat surface, the ground is never completely flat. This means that your legs and core muscles to constantly make small changes in your movements, in order to deal with these differences surface. These small movements are important for muscle coordination and balance. It may not seem significant, but it really matters: the more muscles you can use in any movement, the more calories you will burn.

Tip: If you’re running on the treadmill at the gym, don’t be afraid to periodically run outdoors from time to time. You should not be afraid that running on the street can reduce Your performance level.

The level of difficulty

Treadmill easier to use, and the load is slightly less intense than running outdoors. Uses less muscle fibers for coordination and balance. In addition, there are handles for support (if necessary) so that the treadmill is a great way for beginners to get fit.

But not every workout needs to be lightweight, as treadmills offer a great variety of difficulty levels.

Overall, the outdoors, running is more functional, uses more muscle fibers and burns more calories for the same amount of work compared to the treadmill.


In General, your chances of falling and injury arising from neblagopriyatnyh weather conditions are likely to be much lower when you are indoors on a treadmill. For those who live in a disadvantaged area of the city, a treadmill may be a safer occupation.

However, the treadmill also makes no warranty that you will not get injured.

As you can see, both races have their pros and cons. In the end, running on any surface, will bring only benefits. And don’t forget that variety is the spice of life, so don’t be afraid of new or other loads. Life is too short to suffer boring cardio workouts!

Well, after this workout (and during training) is a must drink water. and you can use the shower with the steam. to “expel” from the muscle tissue of lactic acid, thereby reducing pain.