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What is a short track in the sport

What is a short track in the sport? This kind of speed skating, the principle of which consists in frisky overcoming distance. Translated from the British “short track” — little track, and the title of this sport is not received in vain: ice path on which the moving skaters, total length 111,12 meters.

The history of short track

The history of short track speed hitherto unknown. The British and

Canadians divided between laurels, claiming that they specifically are its founders. But certainly one thing is clear: short track – sport, which for the first time held a competition specifically in Canada. It was in 1905, and the winner then became F. Numedalslågen. Then the question is «what is a short track in the sport» interested and Americans: in 1906 in the US championship with the role of the sport, and in 1915 the first time hosted the international championship between representatives of Canada and the USA. After a long break, the competition resumed in 1926, and now for a medal fought the Europeans. In Europe this kind of speed skating became popular in 1914, when there was held the 1st of the competition. Then about what a short track in the sport, evenly began to learn other countries:

in 1940 – Australia.

in 1950 – Belgium, France, Japan.

in 1970 – Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand.

Since there is a need to conduct international world Championships, and in 1975 the decision of the ISA was created the Committee on the run for a short distance on skates. Today short track — an Olympic sport and participates in the Olympics as individual and team competition.

Driver equipment

Short track belongs to sports with a certain level of risk. That’s why skaters perform in special suits made of elastic fabric, full range of motion, and knee pads and shields to reduce the risk of injury when falling. The head of a helmeted athlete (they are specifically designed by company LAS). To protect cervical used a special device, between itself called athletes a collar that protects the neck vertebrae from injury. At the time of arrival for the balance of the skaters touch the palms to the ice, because in the equipment certainly includes leather gloves with epoxy forms on the fingers and palms. Well, the ending stroke – boots. They are chosen at its own discretion according to endurance, develop speed, weight and physique of the athlete, is also considering running technique and hardness of the ice. The shoes are made individually for each athlete.

Short trakowski blade

Speed skating (short track) requested special attention to the choice of blades: they are sharp enough, width 1.1-1.2 mm in length making 38-46 mm. they are Attached to the Shoe 2 bolt, that’s why in the list of the necessary items of ammunition athlete comes in a set of wrenches (see below). The blade is slightly curved in order that the athlete was easier to go into the rotation. Made blades are personally comfortable with the selection of the radius: if you put them on a flat surface, it is possible to contact them in one place, in the center. The weight of the Shoe, coupled with a blade does not exceed 500 gr. Also the blades differ in stiffness that shows and color: reddish, yellowish or silvery.

Ammunition sportsman

In the list of ammunition athlete competing in short-track, includes:

The skate sharpening machine.

Stone for sharpening blades.

Stone for removing burrs after sharpening.

A set of wrenches.

Cloth for wiping skates.

Covers for the blades before skating.

Covers for skates after the race.

This list is not mandatory, but prof athletes consider the availability of each unit from this list as the need during the training races, and the period of the competition.

Ice arena

What is a short track in the sport and where the competition is held on it? Races produce a hockey site, prepared according to specific requirements.

Ice on the site must not be thicker than 2-2,5 see Between his races are constantly updating, especially on the turns, filling with water. Tradency and potholes handle (close up) freezing installations. Before the races took all the hockey markings.

The final line shows the white color in the center and black (greyish) on both sides, the thickness of her — less than 1 cm at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the ice direct rays of light.

The tracks are broken markers, made of dark synthetic rubber.

The mats are made of foam rubber installed around the entire circumference of the pad. They consist of a soft and dense parts, and their height should match the height of the sides.

The rules of short track

Short track – it’s a personal or team race, regardless of this there are rules of course and penalties for their violation.

The main rules of personal races

The race takes place counterclockwise.

Overtaking is allowed at a time, while two or more runners are not on the same level, so as not to create interference.

If the runner behind on a circle, he can continue the race closer to the outer side of your own tracks.

If the runner was ahead twice, he can finish the race, with the finish line will be counted.

Finish line – this crossing of bands with the toe of the blade.

The main rules of relay races

The team — 4-5 people.

Each race involved 4 runners from the same team.

Excluded from the team competitions, where participants dressed in different uniforms.

Transfer relay – it is the touch to the party.

The last two terms are overcome by one athlete, without the changeover.

Fallen member may be replaced by another athlete.

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