Morning exercise for weight loss

A set of exercises for morning exercises

The path to the harmony of the body is not only through proper nutrition, but also through the organization of physical activities. Moreover, physical exercise not only help lose weight, but charged with energy and vivacity, as well as ease the whole time.

However, very often the vital turmoil makes modern people forget the importance of sport. Insignificant percentage of people who are willing to now performing exercises in the morning, often causes or is just pure laziness,

or lack of time. But the charge early in the morning to lose weight – it’s a great start to the day with high spirits, oxygen-enriched and happiness hormones (endorphins) body.

Even people who are not seeking to lose weight, it is advisable to start the morning with a charge. Morning exercises should begin in bed. Stretching in bed driven work metabolism. And of course it is not recommended sharp jump out of bed and prepare breakfast quickly. Better to put the alarm clock on 5-10 minutes ahead of time, chtobybyla opportunity to come slowly.

During stretching in bed stretched ligaments and muscles. It is also recommended to perform exercises twisting of the body, ie, the upper body is rotated in one direction, and the bottom – in the opposite direction. Pull your feet to the stomach, this exercise facilitates blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels.

Thus, a set of simple exercises in bed improves health, strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, gives rise to the growth and development of the muscles of the body.

Basic rules of charging for weight loss

It is necessary to perform daily set of exercises morning exercise, only then it will lead to weight loss and muscle strengthening;

Charging program should be designed in advance with the maximum variety of exercises for all muscle groups – legs, arms, shoulders, and other media;

Charging the morning for weight loss is almost identical to the normal charge of the morning, just in time of exercise and the pause between them there is a slight difference. Pause charging for weight loss should be less than 2 minutes;

If morning exercises still scares you, you can replace it with another holding time, but by charging to the food intake should be at least one and a half hours and a break has to be before it started. Permission is granted to only a light meal after 15 minutes, for example, low-fat drinking yoghurt.

A set of exercises for weight loss

Running or walking on the ground with knees raised high – 30 seconds. Proper breathing: 4 Steps breath and exhale four.

Position yourself on your back, bend your legs at the knees. Straining to tear off a basin from the floor, and then relax and lower down. Exercise is performed in a row: one, two.

Lying on his back, legs at an angle of 90 ° with respect to the body. In this position, your feet should be a few seconds, then do not tossing them gently lower.

Lunges right and left foot alternately contribute to effective weight loss thighs. Belly in this exercise must be retracted, his hands on her waist, his back straightened.

Prop up the back of his hands in the supine position and bulge and draw the abdominal wall, pressing her hands.

Deep squats without taking your feet off the floor, his hands in front of the chest. Breathing steady, uplifting breath, and vice versa – exhale.

Exercise does not have to be debilitating. The main rule of charging: exercise should give a boost of energy and vivacity, not fatigue.

Morning jogging as a way to lose weight

Running helps a huge number of calories burned, accelerating the body’s metabolism. Therefore, the morning run is considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

To the result was evident need to run daily for two months. If you need to lose weight than 3-5 kg, and much more, then there is a long morning run need to add the right food. But do not expect too much, running gives magical results in better use of all the complex: gymnastics, running, eating right.

There is no need to expose the body to stress giving a paste maximum load, it is better to do it gradually to give the body a chance to adapt. Slimming need to run before breakfast. Believe me it is not difficult, is only used to a new routine.

Terms run

Clothing should be chosen not only for convenience, but also the weather.

Breathing should be even, rhythmic.

Speed ​​when running does not play a special role here is not true the statement “The sooner, the more calories burned and the extra kilos.”

To run it was interesting and comfortable, bring a player with your favorite music.

Morning exercises, running and eating right – this is a sure way to get rid of the extra kilos, it’s also a charge of health, energy and vitality. However, the activity should begin gradually, without pressure on the body and to be everyday and did not take long and a great result!