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Treadmill for weight loss

Jogging in the morning — it is very effective for weight loss. But due to weather conditions Jogging in the morning is not always feasible, so you have to use a treadmill. Treadmill weight loss is a great replacement for your morning run.

Classes on the treadmill, of course, produce results only with the right approach . One can often encounter such a problem that, despite all the classes on the treadmill, the extra pounds don’t disappear. We should not think that a treadmill is ineffective. Just initially were incorrect diet

and approach to employment.

Do not assume that to cope with the problem of excess weight you will only treadmill. To lose weight you should also consider various other factors: the classroom and correct diet . To get started is to stay on the diet.

So you really could lose weight, an hour before a workout at the gym should eat foods rich in carbohydrates . Surely, you can eat contraindicated, but on an empty stomach classes can not be carried. To your workout to be effective, an hour before training you should eat a small portion of food that will give your body 60 g of carbohydrates. This can be either a half packs of crispbread or just 4 tablespoons of cooked oatmeal. All carbs have to go to your strength training, which should last at least 50 minutes. But on the treadmill you will burn fatty tissue.

To running on a treadmill was the most effective, you should engage in this simulator every day . Minimum number of classes to 5 times a week. Only in this case, the treadmill will bring the desired results. Now, let me tell you how to walk on a treadmill.

The best results running on a treadmill will bring you only in the mornings . At this time the fat is burned best. But you can always do at any other time of day.

As in Jogging, the workout on the treadmill and the number of loads should always be increased gradually . Start small, start up the duration and intensity of running is not the highest. You can gradually increase the duration of running.

The minimum duration of running on a treadmill should be 30 minutes a day . The longer you run, the more effective will be the classes. But even with such a schedule should be a couple of days a week to extend the running time up to 45-60 minutes. Only with this approach your workouts will bring the desired results.

Treadmill weight loss is good because it is already laid numerous modes . you can use: resistance, incline, acceleration, etc. You can use one mode or the other, but you can pick your own. You compiled mode also allows you to maintain the desired heart rate. Losing weight on a treadmill will only be effective if you will be running at 50-70% of its maximum heart rate.

To know the optimal heart rate for training, you can use a simple formula . 220 (maximum heart rate) subtract your age and multiply the result obtained, for example, 0.5. The result will be 50% of your heart rate. You can also multiply your difference by 0.6 to get 60% of the heart rate and 0.7, which is 70% of the variation.

Also you can know which workout is more effective: running or walking . For this you need a heart rate monitor to measure the speed of your heart rate during a five-minute run at a speed of 7 to 9 km/h. Write down the figures obtained. After five minutes, slow down to your breathing calmed down. Then lift the belt tracks to 3-6° and go for it. Again, remove the indicators, and then reduce the intensity of the load and stop. Look, when you have heart rate were higher during the run or while walking.

If your heart rate was higher during the run, you can use this system for weight loss .

warm-up: 10 minutes walking distance at a speed of 4-6 km/h

1 length: 5 minutes walk uphill at a speed of 4-6 km/h with a gradient of 3-6°

2 interval: 2 minutes of running at a speed of 7-9 km/h. The slope must be zero

3 interval: 1 minute of running at top speed

If your heart rate was higher during walking, you can use this scheme for the training :

warm-up: 10 minutes walking distance at a speed of 4-6 km/h

1 cut: 7 minutes of running at a speed of 7-6 km/h without bias

2 interval: 2 minute walk with a slope of 2°, then increase the incline by 2° and walk for 2 minutes. Increase the incline until you reach a 10 minute walk. Similarly, turn down the slope and go down

The time intervals for the first and second system practice should be repeated 3-4 times . Properly chosen system of workouts give you a guarantee that you will lose weight.