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The step aerobics for beginners

If you are fed up with power aerobics or want to include in your training schedule something new that delights the soul, select step aerobics – a set of exercises using special platforms great for burning calories . After reviewing the basics of exercises you can do at home and forget about expensive training.

Step – in translation from English means “step”, since the whole workout used walking exercises. The total duration of the classes in step aerobics lasts about 60 minutes, during this time, depending on workout intensity and

complexity of exercise, the body loses 300-500 calories.

Training is done in a dancing manner with rise on a special platform that is adjustable in height depending on the growth of man and his physical form. Increasing the height of the platform at every 5cm increasing the load level of 10-12%. In the gym sounds of modern music in the rhythm of movement, increases motivation to workout.

When the body will get stronger, use light dumbbells 2-3 kg . you will not only improve the muscle tone, but even more to get rid of excess calories and a step closer to the figure of your dreams.

A more advanced step aerobics using 2 Stephenie platform, this includes the work of more muscle and variety to the exercises, which increases the consumption of calories.

What to bring on step aerobics

Must be sports shoes, rigidly locking the foot, no slap and Slippers, or instead use the platform, the nose can become acquainted with the floor . Clothing should not interfere with the exercises, so no loose t-shirts, all chains and other jewelry leave in the locker, nothing should impede movement.

Workout severely dehydrated, so don’t forget to bring a towel and plain water, but not soda, the soda will cause more to run to the toilet and most of the water you drink is gone from the body .

Won’t hurt to take a creams and ointments from sprains, usually lifting on steeper severely strain the lower leg and calf muscles that beginning in the first days of practice can become an unpleasant surprise.

To attend training all students and is not dependent on age, the main thing correctly to pick up the exercises and their intensity. Not think that you will see results immediately, only after 1.5-2 months of regular practice will feel the strong muscles and the first dropped pounds . all this illusion and deception of himself.

Workouts help increase muscle endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous system, improve respiratory function, stable classes will save you from annoying cramps in my side.

In bad weather conditions, workout replace running. due to the lack of sufficient space jumping rope. Many of the girls in front of the gym, use the 5-minute program, she warms up the muscles and inflate the psyche before the main heavy workouts in the gym.

For girls especially important the positive impact of step aerobics on the muscles of the legs and buttocks, they work in full force, be firm and have a beautiful sexy shape.

Achieved good coordination and relationship of all muscle groups, this is a good prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis, found in normal blood pressure. Studying in groups can improve mood, and gone are the first results will bring an explosion of positive emotions.

Who is not recommended classes:

The step aerobics involves a constant movement in a fast pace, this leads to the limitation of training for people who have the following diseases:

“Persistent pain of the joints;

“Spine diseases (hernia, slipped disk, sickness, lower back, etc.);

If you have these problems, the training will bring the opposite effect, in this case, select aerobics. which has its advantages.