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The priceless gift of health.

In today’s world of technological progress, high speeds and stresses, in a world in which youth and health are replaced with silicone implants, and the food more and more like the product of a chemical experiment; in a world where not only dishes, but also familiar to us things become disposable, lost true feelings… in this strange world we all remember less and less about the present, the eternal. Once somehow…

Perhaps speaking about the end of the world, the prophets had in mind precisely this kind of rebirth taking place in the minds and souls. Fortunately, this process has affected not all. Not many want to turn into bio-robots, participate in contests like “Miss Silicone” or “Mr. Faux Biceps”, to sing in sincere company is not the good old songs about the main thing”, and soundtracks from well-made commercials… Provocative idea that the good old, living world comes to an end, often visits us in moments of despair, in times of stress. Still, let’s not unnecessarily nervous due to the fact that we cannot change. Remember one important law of our being: it is necessary to start to restore order in his house, as very soon we will discover that the world around our house became more orderly.

I think it’s just a beautiful phrase? This is not so. If you are on the right path, the universe will support and reinforce your actions. Take care of yourself, and very soon you will discover that the world has changed. From somewhere suddenly, as if by themselves, begin to experience new feelings, there are friends, and you will realize that you’re not alone, and the very opposite.

It’s all good, you say, but what if life brings not joy, but only suffering and this is not associated with any global crisis, not the dollar, not with loneliness, and disease? Tedious, incurable, exhausting, consuming all the resources…

The above law of life can be interpreted differently: “Lucky is the one who carries”. Or this: “God helps those who help themselves”. It turns out that to heal yourself, your body can only be ourselves – his will to live, my desire to live and be healthy. The doctor merely States a diagnosis and prescribes treatment for relieving symptoms and coping with the cause of the disease and defeat it only by internal vitality.

Health – physical, mental, and moral – is a priceless gift and the key to success in life. Only a healthy person able to correctly assess reality, adapt to it and take appropriate steps. But what do we know about their health, from which it by and large depends? To answer this question, let’s turn to the luminaries of a healthy lifestyle.

Who does not know the name of the Field Bragg? His famous book “the Miracle of fasting” spread around the world, producing a revolution in the minds of those who care about their own health and wellbeing. Usually at the mention of the name of Bragg’s the first thing that comes proposed system starvation. But very few people know that this man is never tired to repeat the phrase, which became a classic among modern orthopaedic surgeons: “Spine “hanger” for all diseases”.

Interestingly, one of the advocates of physical culture as self-direction – Bernard McFadden, a long time worked with Paul Bragg – claimed after him: every man, strengthening and stretching the spine that can rejuvenate your body at least thirty years. Indeed, today it is a recognized fact: the health of each of us is determined by the condition of our spine; how flexible and healthy spine, so young and healthy in physiological terms we choose.

The most important causes of diseases of the spine Bragg was seen in the absence of physical activity in youth that his advanced years manifests itself in different diseases of the joints, steady bearing infringement and as a result is a violation of the internal organs. Thus, to its fiftieth anniversary, the modern man is approaching, burdened with serious heart problems, liver, lungs, spine and kidneys.

The system of rehabilitation of the spine by Bragg, was at the heart of this book is nothing like effective disease control without medication. It is designed to deliver us from many diseases resulting from poor posture, loss of muscle tone, bad habits and all sorts of injuries. We rely on a system of Grand Bragg, exploring all possible causes of ill health: we consider the physiological aspects of lifestyle, such as diet, cleansing the body, physical activity. We will try to systematize all of that at different times was proposed by Bragg for healing the body through the spine returning