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The influence of exercise on the body


Catching up exercise, we gain much needed in the life of the motor skills. Physical education develops agility, as well as the force and speed of movements, improved control of his body.

Exercise and nervous system

Training your body, we improve the structure and workings of the organs of

the entire body and, of course, the nervous system. Our movements become more nimble and quick.

People who constantly train, the nervous system quickly adapts to different movements and constantly changing conditions in which it must operate our motor system.

The musculature of the body

During physical exercise increases the strength of the processes in the human brain, and increases muscle tension in the body when they cut. Because the volume of the muscles is constantly increasing, they become thicker. Doing power exercises systematically, you can for six months to increase strength and muscle volume.

In muscles that are at rest, the main part of blood capillaries surrounding muscle fibers, closed to the outflow of blood. When the contraction of the muscles during their work all the capillaries open up and blood flow increases tenfold. During exercise the muscle is the formation of new blood capillaries. With the improvement of blood flow due to the fact that the main treatment of degenerative disc disease at home is a special exercise. And even such seemingly serious and incurable diseases like arthritis can be treated or supported in a stable condition exactly (and only) exercise.

Thanks to the training the chemical composition of the muscle changes. They increase the amount of energy substances are substances from the breakdown of which a large amount of energy is released. These include phosphagen and glycogen. In trained muscle glycogen and phosphate compounds that are destroyed by contraction of muscle fibers, recovering faster oxidation processes (combined with oxygen) begin to leak more intense muscle tissue better absorb and use oxygen.

Beautiful posture

Workout favorably affect not only the muscles. Strengthens the musculoskeletal system, ligaments, bones and tendons become stronger. Regular exercise affect the appearance and contribute to the harmonious development in childhood and adolescence. In adulthood, physical exercise will help to maintain the harmony and beauty for years to come.

A sedentary lifestyle ages: belly droops, the person becomes bloated, deteriorating posture. People who do not do sports and physical labor, slouches back hump, his head tilted forward, back arched over the top, sunken chest, and the belly is protruding forward.

Everyone can correct your posture with the help of physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the trunk. Very useful to swim breaststroke and doing gymnastics.

Special physical exercises can strengthen the abdominal muscles, weakened by the long illness or inaction, to restore and strengthen the arches for flat feet, cure of spinal curvature at the initial stage of their development. Diet and exercise to overcome obesity.

The work of the heart and blood vessels

Trained people are more hardy. It can perform heavy muscular work and to carry heavy traffic for a long time. This happens because the organs of respiration, excretion, blood circulation working better. Their ability to enhance the work and to adapt to the conditions created in the body during physical activity, is significantly increased.

People who constantly train, the heart adapts easily to any physical exercise, and after the load returns to their normal activities much faster.

It can be concluded that physical education and sport have a positive impact not only on the muscles of the body and in all organs, improving their work and are constantly improving it.

To be hardy, healthy and comprehensively developed person, you must regularly engage in various types of physical education and sport.