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Swimming for the expectant mother risk or benefit

The role of swimming for the General physical condition of the person is difficult to overestimate. But whether or not to go swimming for pregnant women, because the expectant mother is responsible not only for their health but also the health of the unborn newborn?

Doctors say that swimming – this is one of the most helpful forms of exercise that will go pregnant on advantage. The reason for the preference of this sport lies in the fact that in the process of swimming at a sufficiently high level of activity of the body is not happening to

excessive stress in the body, and the risk of any strain at all is reduced to zero. But if childbearing occurs in summer months, the swimming will give a pregnant woman an added bonus – will save from the heat and deliver maximum pleasure.

If the woman visited the pool and before the child’s conception, she may continue employment in the same mode (except for expectant mothers – athletes, which is definitely recommended to reduce the number and length of sessions). If the expectant mother decided to uwleqs

I swim after I learned about his interesting position, then start to swim carefully, slowly. At the first symptoms of fatigue need to complete the exercise and leave the pool. In addition, beginners are especially important “warm up” before diving into the water. You can do it yourself, a good pomassirovat hands and feet.

5 reasons to enjoy swimming during pregnancy

Swimming involves the large muscle groups of the arms and legs simultaneously. This is a great way to maintain cardiovascular system of the body. Swimming improves the body’s ability to process and use oxygen. Improves circulation. A pregnant woman will be able for a time to forget the feeling of heaviness and discomfort recruited from weight and enjoy your own weightlessness. Trimestrale features swimming

The first trimester

Length of races must not be longer than 20 minutes. If we talk about the frequency of visits, the ideal option would be to go to the pool every other day.

Sometimes swimming helps pregnant women with pronounced early toxicosis. However, swimming can also increase the degree of nausea. Therefore, do not need to be zealous, listen to your state of health and avoid, especially in the beginning, visits to the pool alone.

Second trimester

The tummy of the expectant mother is growing rapidly, it is increasingly less active lifestyle, the increased weight may cause the onset of depression. Swimming in this case play the role of a discharge, which will relieve the tension.

A pregnant woman ought to think about special swimsuit for pregnant women and in the way – get your dose of relaxation and pleasant emotions.

Third trimester

During this period, the most preferred style of navigation for the mother will be brass. This style is primarily aimed at strengthening the pectoral and dorsal muscles. And after all, they are the most involved in the process of childbirth.

IMPORTANT! Every pregnancy – purely individual. Therefore, before you purchase a subscription to the pool, you should consult with supervising physician.