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Sports clothing for running ” all about the women

The most important thing in clothing for Jogging comfort. Clothing should be comfortable for You-whether you are running or standing. Often novice runners wearing a smart but awkward shape. Tight clothes restrict movement, sometimes you can not make it perform in training all of our plans.

To make the right choice of clothing for Jogging, look at the thermometer,

and for the window to assess the weather. If it is raining, it is not necessary to cancel a scheduled training session. In the irreplaceable rain waterproof windbreaker with a hood, top, and bottom can be plain tracksuit.

Choose clothes according to the weather. If the day is hot, put easy, to prevent overheating of the body.

Clothes for running in the warmer months should be made of natural fabrics – this one is important to her requirement. Ideally, the material of outfit — this cotton. Cotton t-shirts and pants are breathable, they let the body breathe, on the other hand, the cotton absorbs the excess sweat. Such clothing is practical, pleasant to the touch, durable. The only drawback inherent in the garments of natural cotton, is that it is not holding its form, that is, stretched. To avoid this trouble, you need to wash and iron it, according to the data specified on the label. The second option is to buy clothes of famous brands. This sports wear for Jogging a bit more expensive than, for example, Russian or Belarusian knitwear, but long keeps the shape of the product.

Clothes for running in the winter

Real racers do not interrupt their studies, even in winter. Winter running has its advantages:

Training in the cold season well harden the body, increases immunity, strengthens health;

Running in the winter on the background of the short daylight recharges the body with energy, while running produces hormones of joy;

Increases self-control and self-esteem.

During the winter run, you need to be comfortable and warm.

Shoes and clothes for running in winter should be selected according to the following requirements:

Shoes should not be tight so as not to jeopardize the blood supply in the foot. Insoles should be removable for drying.

Socks should be seamless and easy to absorb moisture.

Clothes for running in the winter of should be multilayer. The bottom layer should be made of cotton, water resistant upper materials. The top layer should be breathable.

Clothing should not promote sweating.

Good ventilation is required. If You’re wearing a waterproof jacket but do not have ventilation, loosen the tie, so that the air passed along the body from the bottom up. This will bring humid air to the outside.

If frost is not greater than 15 degrees, warm enough alone pants. Ideally, wear them under two cowards, they will create the necessary air space and further protect from the cold, the most significant organs. This applies to both men and women.

On the head should be knitted cap. It should also allow air, to avoid excessive sweating of the head. Choosing a hat for winter running, pay attention to the presence of the vents.

On the right woolen or knitted gloves. These materials will better retain heat, provide air circulation, then the hands will not be wet. In addition, if necessary with the help of woolen gloves can warm your nose or face.

Do not forget about safety of skin. To protect your face from windburn and frostbite, you can use a special cream. In addition, if a special hats-hoods, most covering the face, remain open only eyes. This option is ideal for those who are not going to be bothered by the presence of tissue on the face, and whose skin is vulnerable to frostbite.

The largest selection of sports apparel in special servicing centers, besides there knowledgeable sales consultants are versed in the nuances of sports activities. Do not hesitate to contact them for help. Sports clothing for running is now available in a huge range. It is important that You made the right choice.

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Disagree about clothing for winter running. Cotton bottom layer of clothing should not be used, cotton absorbs moisture, but unfortunately takes her bad, which contributes to freezing. Now a lot of thermal underwear with gerstley and synthetics, absorbing and evaporating sweat