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Recovery after workouts.

Sports training take a lot of strength and energy, but if they daily – this is a very big burden for the body, which will cope with him alone often can not afford. With sweat out of the body, not only the liquid, which is also very necessary for proper functioning of the entire body, but also vitamins and many nutrients. As a result, the training effect can be negative, and then it absolutely makes no sense.

The intensity of exercise should be increased gradually – from lesson to lesson, otherwise it is likely to overtax the body. The consequences of this surge is very unpleasant painful sensations in the muscles, aching joints, a General state of depression.

How is it possible to avoid these negative consequences? First of all, the methodology of the training sessions should be aimed at preventing such disease States. Proper construction of the training process, which consists of a combination of different exercises, quite self-sufficient and provides both a powerful physical (power) loads, and methods of recovery. Thus, recovery after exercise is to start the lesson.

Besides, there are other components that contribute to the full recovery of Your system

The intervals of rest between sessions depend on the size of the training load. They must ensure full recovery until at least the initial level or, at best, to the phase of overreduction. Training in the phase of incomplete recovery invalid because the adaptive capacity of the organism in this case is limited.

The longer the duration of the training load with the appropriate intensity, the longer should be the interval of rest.

It is known that the optimal dosage of the training load is one of the performance criteria of fitness.

Water balance

To fully restore the water balance of the body is a priority. This is to prevent dehydration and basiliani of the body.

Carbohydrate loading

Immediately after the training along with the restoration of the water balance of the body it is important to restore the reserves squandered glycogen*. After training the total energy is not reduced. Its main source is carbohydrates. If they are not enough, the body switches to other energy sources. They often become the muscle proteins. It is therefore important to immediately compensate for the energy costs immediately after exercise.

The phenomenon of “carbohydrate window” just based on the fact that after prolonged exercise the glycogen stores in the muscles quickly restored when carbohydrate reserves have decreased significantly. This state is short-an hour or a little more. The intake directly after exercise carbohydrates contributes to the overall recovery of the body. Thus, within half an hour after a long workout, you should consume foods rich in carbohydrates.

Scientists recommend immediately after training to take from 0.7 g to 1.5 g carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight, and for the most rapid recovery during the day takes about 8-10 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram.

The scientific rationale for such recommendations due to the fact that glycogen synthesis is most intensively in the first 30-50 minutes after a workout. Given the fact that glycogen is deposited not only in muscle but also in liver, reception percussion amounts of carbohydrates after exercise becomes very important.

Proper nutrition

Need to know what proper and healthy diet is an excellent means of restoring both mental and physical health.

Don’t worry about what will ruin the whole effect of the training. This is not so. While You eat within the recommended corridor of calories, Your weight loss process is safe.

However, if You don’t want (or can’t) eat right after a workout, don’t worry. Your body repairs muscles within 24 hours after the end of classes. If possible, at least a little snack food, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, as soon as possible after the workout.

Give You some examples of food after sports training:

Whole grain bread with cheese

Dried fruits and nuts

Yogurt with fruit

Fruit juice with cheese

Omelet with vegetables and pita bread

Cereal with milk

Eggs and bread

Sandwiches with Turkey, ham or chicken

Shrimp and tofu

Crackers with low fat cheese

Protein or energy bar

Any other food that contains lean protein, starch and vegetables.

Stretching of muscles and ligaments

One of the ways to prevent the effects of overexertion of the body are exercises aimed at stretching the muscles and ligaments that occur after heavy physical exercise. Stretching or pulling of muscles, to a certain extent relieves the negative effects that may arise the day after a hard workout. You should pay attention: stretching can be done only preliminary warming up the muscles. If it is difficult to warm up the body with running, it is recommended to use the hot tub. In no event it is impossible to do stretches on cold muscles, otherwise you can get injured (tension). In order to avoid damage of muscles, ligaments and joints strength and other physical exercise, directly at the beginning of each exercise warm-up (light Jogging and warm-up exercises), as well as firming and developing the joint exercises.


To relieve tension and fatigue after a hard workout will help douche – alternate pouring hot and cold water (1-2 min hot, 1 to 2 minutes cold). Contrast water temperature should be increased gradually – for soft people sudden changes of hot and cold temperatures quite dangerous.

This method of recovery is a very efficient, after this soul body acquires vigor and ease.

A fairly effective way of recovering after undergoing physical exertion is taking baths. It may be just a bath with warm or hot water or baths with special additives: essential oils, vegetable and mineral salts.

Quite often during intense workouts are formed on the body scrapes and scratches, damaged skin. Take a bath with salts in these cases is not recommended in order to avoid irritation of skin lesions, but the essential oils will be very helpful. You must remember that each person only certain types of oils, so their choice is dependent on individual circumstances. This is determined by many factors: a tendency towards a particular disease, age, recommendations horoscope, personal preferences, etc. Obavestavamo effect of pine oil (for example, juniper oil).

Sauna is also quite effective way to restore the body after exercise. As in the case with bathrooms, so it is useful to use different essential oils.

Massage after exercise will help to relax the muscles, which in turn will contribute to the removal of pain.

Green tea

Green tea is a great way to recover from physical exhaustion, so green tea it is desirable to use after 1.5-2 hours after training.

As if suddenly a statement about cocoa may sound, this can be explained quite simply. Cocoa or chocolate milk contains the necessary muscles protein and carbohydrates for growth and restore energy balance. And water contained in milk and minerals to replenish the body’s need for them. Ions such important elements as calcium, potassium, magnesium, which during the workout out of the body through sweat.

In addition, caffeine helps muscles to absorb glucose from chocolate milk, which increases the rate of recovery of muscle glycogen stores after exercise.

Some glucose is always stored in our body, so to speak, in reserve. It is contained mainly in the liver and muscles in a form called glycogen. However, the energy generated by the combustion of glycogen, a person of average physical development is only enough for a day, and then only at very economical expenditure. Stock this need us for emergency cases, when the supply of glucose in the blood may end suddenly.