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Physical exercise hemorrhoids gymnastics, swimming, running

Physical exercise hemorrhoids help strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and perianal area. In addition, normal circulation and decreases the risk of anal bleeding. Systematic exercise helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and eliminate the stagnation of venous blood.

Gymnastics and yoga

Perform specific core exercises involve multiple muscle groups. To choose the exercises the doctor, given the severity and manifestations of the

disease. Most of the exercises focused on the load of the lower limbs: perform swings down from a prone position or on his back.

During exercise, the patient should be able to breathe properly. Training breathing increases the aperture.

You can discuss with the doctor the possibility of yoga. A large number of asanas (exercises in yoga) to help eliminate congestion and to normalize blood circulation. One of the most effective asanas is the exercise, which many people know as “birch” (stand on the blades). This asana helps drain the blood from the pelvic organs and reduces stress.

What other physical activity useful for treatment of hemorrhoids?

Physical exercise hemorrhoids associated not only with the performance of certain gymnastic exercises. Useful will be running, brisk walking, swimming. Great benefit and bring cardio load, which normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system.


Swimming lessons allow you to evenly distribute the load throughout the body, excessive pressure on the abdominal cavity. Regular exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. Pregnant women will greatly benefit from the Aqua aerobics classes.

Running, Jogging

Daily Jogging for 15-20 minutes to help eliminate inflammation and restore good health. Running eliminates the symptoms of impaired circulation, which occurs due to a long stay in a sitting position.

You need to run smoothly, stepping on the heel of the hand PI should be bent at the elbows. It is important to monitor breathing: is the patient notices that appeared short of breath, you might want to adjust the tempo.

Jogging also will have a positive impact. You can start to walk 1 kilometer a day. Over time, doctors recommend to increase the length of the route up to 4-5 kilometers.

Any physical activity is better to abstain?

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids from performing strength exercises it is better to refrain. Doctors do not recommend lifting heavy objects and hold your breath during exercise, as this increases intra-abdominal pressure.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease is recommended to refrain from activities such as horse riding and extreme sports, Cycling and weightlifting.

In the period of remission can resume Cycling.

In case the hemorrhoids provoked heavy physical work, from excessive loads must be abandoned at least temporarily. Women are recommended to refrain from lifting heavy bags.

Moderate exercise when hemorrhoids are useful in prophylaxis and in treatment at the early stage of the disease. To achieve the best effect, gymnastics, running and swimming needs to be combined with a proper diet and medicines.