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Move your body!

Want to have perfect figure? Help dancing! It is not only fun but also serious physical activity, which helps to create the body of your dreams.

Dance Studio “MIX TAPE ROKETS” is a school where the training is conducted by the teacher-professional, master of international class, which has vast experience in the field of dancing, certified and trained specifically for the system of social dance in a specially designed program.

Belly dancing allows the modern woman to know themselves, discover their femininity, to show my creative energy to light a fire inside. This is a great way to improve your health, be free, beautiful and confident!

The advantages of the practice of Oriental dance:

– your body becomes flexible and malleable, as the originality of Oriental dance – in its plasticity.

– your body gets used to physical activity. Learning the elements of dance, prolonged stress on the body. However, the undoubted merit of Oriental dance is that the load can not be too strong, as limited by the dance. In the end, You become more hardy.

-during exercise You strengthen the muscles of the back and loins. Strengthening occurs, as in the movements of the dance involves all sections of the spine. Even after a few sessions You will notice improved posture.

Zumba is a dance fitness program based on Latin rhythms (salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, etc.) Zumba is suitable for everyone, regardless, You know how to dance or not.

Zumba is exciting energetic dance, effective fitness workout and a fun, classy party. You will quickly learn the simple steps and you’ll dance to the fiery Latin rhythms, while working through all the muscle groups. A lot of hip movements, lots of fun, lots of calories burned.

Plastic strip gives you the opportunity to learn to feel your own body, to dance and to move naturally feminine, graceful and fascinating.

Women’s plastic . and strip dance, activates the internal capabilities of every woman, most of her restrepia. For the girls in the dance, strip of plastic, fitness, etc. there is another advantage – in addition to smooth curves, the body becomes stronger, and the movement is more graceful. In addition, the dancing man always cheerful, happy and energetic: choreography classes relieve stress, improve metabolism, stimulate the production of happy hormones, normalize the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve immunity and relieve fatigue. These classes bring undoubted health benefits, improves mood and gives a positive charge!

As lessons strip of plastic in the women’s awakening sexuality and femininity, which are beginning to show itself everywhere. Changing even the manner of communication. Some gestures that are seemingly fleeting, become more elegant. Strip plastic helps You to love your body, feel it, learn to control and properly use inherent in You nature the true potential of a woman.