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Hello, my name is Alexey Tretyakov, a student of class 5 “Chapayev school”. I represent to your attention the work on “Actual charging is a real mystery”.


In modern society feels on a whole range of adverse factors. These factors are very often combined with lack of physical activity. It has a strong impact on health.

In such conditions it is very important to apply the array of instruments that contribute to the preservation and strengthening of health of the body.

A healthy person is a full-fledged member of society who has a high level of physical and mental health, good health, mental and spiritual comfort.


It is known that “ moving ” children learn easier and better, have better social relationships and fewer conflicts within the class and school.

How can a man help himself, provided that it was not always possible to do physical exercise?

One of the activities that have a beneficial effect on the health of the body. is the morning physical exercise.


The aim of our study: to learn what a morning physical exercises are useful to the body.

When you begin to study, we had hypothesized. that morning exercise has a positive effect on the body, restorative effect on him, not causing any harm.


The tasks that we set for ourselves, you see on the screen.

The transition from the sleep state to the waking state occurs gradually.

Therefore, an important event of the transition to wakefulness after sleep. You need to stimulate the processes of excitation in the nervous system. The more of these signals and the more intense they are, the more increases the activity of the nervous system. They stimulate:

1.Intense sound signals

2.Intense visual signals


Do not confuse the notion of morning exercise and physical exercise. Morning exercise accelerates bringing the body to a healthy state after sleep, tone and mood, eliminate sleepiness and lethargy. It should consist of exercises for flexibility, mobility, breathing. Charging allows you to use as starting positions while sitting or lying. That is, you can start to do morning exercises, getting out of bed. Exercises should be performed slowly and without sudden movements. The load and intensity of the charge should be less than daytime training. Classes should not cause fatigue.

Tasks charging:

1.To eliminate some of the effects of sleep

2. To increase the tone of the nervous system

3. To strengthen the work of the main systems of the body.


Research scientists from various countries have shown that people who practice physical activity in the morning, it happens much less depression, and stress they are experiencing with much more resistance than others. They are more optimistic look at life.

True fans of morning exercise are considered Chinese. In the country, decided to do a collective morning exercises.


In the classroom it is important to consider the biological clock of the body.

Biological clock — internal genetically programmed rhythmic mechanisms, intended for temporal ordering of biological functions and behavior. During the day observed three double-recurring period of biorhythms. The best time to practice from 10 to 12 am and from 16 to 18 hours.


Approaches to exercise

The duration of morning hygienic gymnastics can be anywhere from 7-15 minutes to several tens of minutes.

The simplest way to assess the adequacy of the selected load is feeling after charging. A set of exercises morning exercises should start with low-intensity movements, and gradually increasing the load on the body.

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When developing complex morning exercises must take into account the following most important factors that you now see on the slides.

People suffering from diseases, it is advisable in the complex of morning gymnastics to include special exercises of medical physical culture. These exercises should be performed after the General part of the lesson.

For a healthy person to start a set of exercises from stretching exercises. then perform different types of walking. then – General exercises for the major muscle groups, to finish which can easy Jogging or jumping. To complete the set of exercises useful breathing exercises.

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Depending on what time of day has the highest activity of the physiological systems of the body, people can be divided into three types: “larks”, “doves” and “owls”.

“Larks” easily and Wake up early, feel good in the morning, in the morning they recorded the best body for their physical and mental performance.

People whose peak of activity of physiological functions necessary for evening or night hours, as “owls”. “Owls” hardly Wake up early, often feel in the morning, overwhelmed, lethargic, in a bad mood. Mental and physical performance in the morning hours are low. Evening hours owls often feel a surge of strength, good health, activity, desire to act.

People whose peak activity is in the daytime, called “pigeons”. “Doves” are intermediate between “Zhavoronki” and “owls”. Accordingly, physical load during charging “doves” should be somewhat less than that of the “larks,” but more than “owls”.

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We conducted a survey among students to identify those who regularly deals in BONDS and comparison of the health status of those who do not practise.

Questionnaire No. 1:

Conclusion:the older the student is, the more independent they are. With primary school age should encourage and lead by example, parents in particular, and then every day at school before lessons start. The only way to instill a love of sports and their health

Questionnaire No. 2.

Conclusion. This form shows the number of missed lessons morbidity in those who play sports and do morning exercises, less, compared with those who do not play sports and don’t do morning exercises.

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Thus the daily performance of the set of morning exercises, tailored to the laws of functioning of the body after sleep and the individual characteristics of a particular person allows you to prepare your body for the upcoming mental, physical and emotional stress, is a good means of preserving and promoting health, prevention and in some cases, treatment of diseases, provides high mental and physical performance throughout the day.

We have proven that exercise really helpful and necessary for our body.

Examine the question about the benefits of proper TIES, the survey results allowed us to enter the discussion of this problem on a thematic class hours.