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Morning exercises for weight loss

Morning physical exercises — a great tool not only lose weight but also lift your mood for the day. Exercises for weight loss at home — it’s a set of exercises that promote the development of muscles, the strengthening of the press, treatment of cellulite and excess General physical strengthening.

Right complex of morning gymnastics can help to get your figure right in a few weeks. The main rule: exercises for morning exercises should be done daily. Let the time allocated on the set of morning exercises, will not be

as large, for example, 10-15 minutes would be enough, but the regularity of fundamental importance. Daily exercising very soon get you into the habit.

Complex morning exercises for men and women is nearly the same: women should pay more attention to the exercises on the hips, and men on the upper torso. Morning exercises for men means more strength training, women are encouraged to focus more on stretching exercises (stretching). Morning exercises for men can contain workout with dumbbells or kettlebells. And the main features weight loss gymnastics — this is a reasonable load, the exercises on the problem areas and diversity.

Exercises for quick weight loss will be most effective in combination with proper diet. How often do we complain of headaches, fatigue, decrease in activity, without hesitation, that is the root of our problems. Really often all of our problems are that we suffer so-called “lethargy bowel”. Of course, the first thing you should talk about this with your doctor. Most often the doctor prescribes morning exercises and diet modifications.

When torpor of the intestines is to eat as many foods that contains fiber. This fruits, vegetables, beans, greens, beans, bread from wheat flour. Especially useful in this condition, cabbage, radish, radish, carrot, dill, parsley, prunes and apples.

Also, it will not hurt in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime drink a third of a Cup of water (raw) with the addition of orange peels, Apple or tangerine. After the morning drink on an empty stomach, immediately need to make a range of simple exercises that not only the “start” your body is in work, but also help get rid of extra pounds. The duration of such exercise — 10-15 minutes

So, morning exercise for weight loss.

Below we’ll look at one version of morning gymnastics, which is used most often. This is the most usual and simplest option, but it is the most effective.

Best of all the exercises to do in between various diets, or if you need to record your weight on a given point.

A set of exercises morning exercises:

15-20 seconds of walking in place, raising your knees. The first 4 steps — the breath, the second 4 steps — exhale;

hands raised straight up, allot back straight, with an elongated toe, leg. After that, his leg bent in front of him hands and pull the knee to the chest, head bowed, as low as possible. Then all the same we make the other leg. Performed each leg 3-5 times;

feet placed as wide as possible. Bend the left leg at the knee three times and make springy slope to the toe of the right foot, which should be straightened at the knee. Then — to the contrary, to the other foot. In each side of the exercise should be repeated 8-10 times;

legs wide apart, perform circular (largest amplitude) of the movement of the pelvis. Don’t forget that the most important thing in this exercise is the retraction and protrusion of the abdominal wall. Repeat the rotation in each direction not less than 8-10 times;

starting position — standing, hands on his stomach. Three times in succession, do spring squats, while pressing on the abdomen with your hands. Repeat 18 to 20 times;

standing on one leg, attaches to the side bent at the knee of the other leg, and do a circular motion on the thigh with the greatest possible amplitude, in one or another way. To each side repeat for 10-12 times;

stand on “toes”, holding his hands behind the chair’s back. Within 20-30 seconds springy unbend and bend ankle joints of the feet;

jump, standing on two legs, and then, on one (each in turn) for 20-30 seconds. At the end of the exercise — a quiet walk on the place;

lying on your back, bend your knees. After that, sit down and unbend them. Make two tilt forward, trying to touch the knees, then again lay down and bend your knees. Repeat 12-16 times;

lying on back, hold legs bent, feet resting on the floor in. Raise the pelvis and swing them from side to side by 4-6 times. The exercise is done in a series with a break in between 6-8 seconds. Such series shall not be less than three;

lying down, put the hands on the belly. Flaunting and retractable belly, pressing with the hand on the abdominal wall. Repeat 10-12 times;

breathing exercise. Standing, raising his hands slightly, and reaching back and up — inhale, bend forward, dropping the arms relaxed — exhale. Repeat 3-4 times. This last exercise complex morning exercises.

Now about how to perform exercises for weight loss. Doing morning exercises, you should feel comfortable, so when the first signs of sickness, it is better to reduce your pace. Home morning exercises are joy, positive, and positive energy for the whole day, so the value of exercise cannot be underestimated. How to do morning exercises with a positive attitude, how to force yourself to start training immediately after sleep? It is recommended to get up every day at the same time, drink after sleeping Cup of boiled water and under a nice music to start the morning exercises for weight loss. Exercises for morning exercises should be adjusted to your level, do not immediately grasp the most complex.

Morning exercises perform millions of people and feel great, join us! Exercises can do wonders!