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Morning exercises complex exercises

If You want the morning began not with sadness and thoughts about how everything has grown hateful to build thoughts quickly acquired the desired order, and the body and soul were ready to conquer new heights, there is a very simple means — regular morning exercises .

And it does make sense! Even light physical activity .

1. Improves blood supply and promotes the normalization of metabolism. So, the body quickly wakes up, turns to the work, will better absorb necessary


2. Promotes endorphin — the hormone of joy. That is why after exercise can feel the tranquility and satisfaction.

3. Suppresses stress, removes harmful toxins and negative energy.

4. Improves concentration, increases contentment.

5. Provides good physical tone and tighten muscles.

Of course, regular fitness training or any other sport will only improve results, but let’s start though small, i.e. with morning gymnastics .

So a set of exercises morning exercises provided a good mood, you should start the day as follows: stretch after waking up, still lying in bed, smile to myself and the world around You, tell yourself that today You will succeed and quietly, slowly stand up from the bed. Wash your face with a cool, even cold water, brush your teeth and go back to the room. Perform morning exercises can accompany music that You like.

After you have done the exercises very good refreshing contrast dusík, and wiping hard with a towel «invigorates the skin», but after this procedure, treat the skin with milk or body lotion.

Exercises for morning physical exercises can be divided into warm-up itself and actually charging . or rather, morning exercises . If You want to just Wake up and invigoration of the body, it can only warm up, and then with peace of mind to embark on the usual morning chores. If you «dig deeper» — should add stretching exercises, light Jogging or jumping exercises for some muscle groups.


Warm-up during morning exercises aimed, primarily, on the build main joints of the body with rotation, bending, flexion and extension. The most recommended sequence of performance — from the top down, i.e. starting from the neck and ending with the feet.

Morning exercises at azazell presented in pictures . to make it easier to navigate and understand what’s what and where.

Spend a morning warm-up . performing each exercise by 3-10 times, as follows:

(a) turning your head right or left.

b) Tilts back and forth.

b) slow Rotational movements of the head.

2. For the shoulders and arms

(a) the Rotational motion of the shoulder joints, first the right shoulder, then left, then both at the same time.

b) Rotation straightened arms from the shoulder joint down from the top — draw the largest possible imaginary circle.

b) Alternating short Mahi hands — right hand down, left — at the top.

g) Arms bent at the elbows at chest level, 2 times pull them back quickly, and then spread apart to the sides.

e) «Scissors» hands left and right front of the chest.

(e) the Arms bend at the elbows, holding at chest level and rotate them in different directions — preheat elbow joints.

g) Rotate the brushes of both hands in one direction and then in the other side.

h) Through the sides lift your arms up and stretch them.

3. For the torso

a) Feet shoulder width apart. Trying to keep as back smoother, without jerks, bend down, goal — to touch with your fingertips or even the palms of the floor. The chest tends to knees.

b) Putting his hands on the belt, rotate the pelvis in one direction and then in the other side.

b) Right hand on belt, left — over the head stretches to the right, and with it the entire left side of the body. Repeat the same with right hand.

(a) Holding his hands behind the back of the chair, perform leg swings: forward — the leg is bent back — straight.

b) Propriedade, at least 5 times.

in) Feet together, smooth, stand on tiptoes, and then go down. If you want a little harder exercise — lower your foot to the floor until the end, ie that the heels never touch the ground.

g) keep one foot on the toe and rotate the feet first in one direction then in another direction. Repeat with the other leg.

On this warm morning exercises can be completed, You woke up, Your body is ready for the day ahead!

But if you want to achieve the best result for Your figure and increase the effect of morning exercise, take a few minutes of physical exertion.

Morning gymnastics

You can run the following set of exercises for morning exercises. For Your convenience, some of the exercises are illustrated with pictures.

1. Exercises for the abs . lie down on the sleeping pad or Mat, hands behind your head and:

a) upgrades torso without lifting the shoulder blades, legs bent at the knees — not less than 5 times;

b) a complete lifting of the torso, i.e., lifting your tailbone off the floor, legs bent at the knees — also no less than 5 times.

b) lifting straight legs to an angle of 45°, being careful not to tear off from a floor, the lower back — at least 5 times.

2. Run around the room in a circle or around the apartment for 1 – 3 minutes.

3. Jump on both legs, then one right, then the left.

4. Stretching exercises .

a) Place your feet as wide as possible, bend right knee, left straight, and roll down on the left, parallel to its bending. The closer will pop to the ground, the load will fall on your leg muscles.

b) Sit on the floor, legs spread as wide as possible and drag your body forward as much as possible and to the floor below. Then lean forward and stretch first to the right leg, then — to the left. Then put your feet together and reach down to the toes.

Stand up, stretch up, out to the side. Smile and praise yourself for what You did to overcome laziness! You rock! Save obtained for the whole day from morning gymnastics vivacity and good mood!

Have a good day!