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Morning exercise as a crying need

Morning exercise — it is a complex of physical exercises designed to prepare your body to work after a night’s sleep. Estimates of the Montreal Bureau of applied statistics (Montreal Bureau of applied statistics) daily morning exercises makes 300 million people, equivalent to only 4% of the total population of the planet. Among this number the majority are representatives of active and reserve troops, athletes, stuntmen, ordinary people leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as superheroes.

It would seem that nonsense! But no, it’s true 2013. Smartness, harmony, freshness of view and bursting energy characteristics that we prefer to watch from the monitors, and not to feel personally own body during a morning exercise.

Discuss why this is so, I don’t. Everyone has their excuses, circumstances and obstacles – to stir this shit is not in our jurisdiction. Going to do more practical part – ‘ll understand what we lose. It is said that to truly appreciate only what is already lost.

Morning exercise — a generator of positive energy

All of the problems. the stresses and absurdities arise because of the lack of morning exercise in particular, and weak development of physical culture in General. Cold limp body aggressive and grumpy. Mash them, and the joy will bring all: diffused light of the spring sun and a dog barking at 5 am. It’s simple – during exercise, the body is the secretion of endorphins, increasing the concentration which induces a state of euphoria. Against hormones no reception – regulate their production few people know how.

Continue to look for reasons to do morning charging for Pho at every day. People — at least 3 components that interact as a whole: the physical body, intellect, and emotional background. The system is very stable, and small changes in one area lead to improvements in another. However, not all elements are equivalent in terms of impact. The physical condition of the shell – and have always been the most important condition for a happy life. filled with radiant joy. Whether it is due to the fact that recently we were swinging from trees, and the animal in us very much, or for other reasons. No matter how smart the man was, the loss of the little finger or the ability to move a dreadful shock for individuals. But the lack of intelligence was never a problem: millions of athletes and pop stars feel great, gleaming white teeth smiles at camera lenses.

The second most important need morning exercises – there is the concept of “oiled cogs”. Remember how hard it is to turn off rusted nut, whose flesh seems to be forever ingrained in the body of the bolt. Our body contains thousands of nuts and bolts, and each of them requires careful lubrication in the morning. Do not lubricate them with a Cup of coffee, will not peremagas fat appetizing shpikachki – only vigorous exercise will do everything as needed. Every joint and cartilage buys in butter, gently wipe with a towel and press a magic button, running the debugged mechanism of the body.

From the foregoing it can be 2 concluded blatant need morning exercises:

1. Morning exercise provokes the secretion of endorphins, which fills the body with euphoria. The world is instantly transformed into a magical place, and you turn around and wonder magician with a bunch of keys to all the doors.

2. Morning exercise . how to squirt from Bayer Pharmaceuticals, carefully lubricate all joint nodes. The body does not rust, delighting host and smoother and youthful flexibility.

Task: 4 years in a row doing a daily morning exercises. In 2017 unsubscribe here about their experiences.