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Interval running for weight loss on the treadmill or the stadium will help to burn fat

If you rank the most simple and affordable types of physical activity for weight loss, the leading position is, of course, running. But in order to effectively lose weight, you need to run correctly. To combat overweight monotonous running at a moderate pace – not the best option, as the fat begins to burn only at 40-50 minute runs.

In addition, produced habituation to homotypic stress and over time, the effectiveness of training is reduced. The most effective form of Jogging for

weight loss is interval running . which not only allows you to achieve “gyrosigma” state, but also to remain in it as long as possible.

In the basis of interval running for weight loss is an alternation of high-speed running Jogging (Jogging) or walk at a fast pace. In this type of Jogging, first, already in the third minute of high-intensity interval as an energy source starts to Deplete fat, and second, there has been a steady acceleration of metabolism, and you, following a low-carb diet, lose weight within 6-12 hours after my run.

Interval running for fat loss is circuit for Jogging in the stadium and to workout on the treadmill.

Interval running in the stadium

When running in the stadium breakdown occurs at intervals of distances.

So, doing school stadium (length 250 m), run the first lap at a moderate pace as a warm-up. Then half a lap run with an acceleration of approximately 80 % from the maximum possible pace. The latter half circle run jog or walk at a fast pace, and then run with acceleration. Follow four full cycle (high-speed running + walking or Jogging).

Interval running for weight loss at a professional stadium (400 m) it is better to start with scheme: warm-up half circle, then four cycles consisting of running with 80% acceleration in a straight line of the track and walk or Jogging on the plots of curvature of the stadium.

For the development of their own progress and intensity of weight loss increase every 4-6 workouts high-speed running distance in each cycle in turn, starting with the last (a half-circle for a small stadium and a quarter of a circle for stadium 400 m).

That is, in the fifth jog around a high school stadium you run in the fourth and last cycle with acceleration is not a half circle, and the circle, the tenth training – in the third and fourth cycle intensively run on a range, on the fifteenth in the second, third and fourth cycle, etc.

Another way to increase load – add one full cycle, bringing the total to 10. Can combine two ways of increasing the load: on the fifth training session of the add cycle, the tenth – increase the distance in the last cycle. Try to gradually increase the speed of intense intervals, bringing it closer to 95% of the maximum possible.

Interval running on a treadmill

The rate of interval running on the treadmill is the speed and Jogging.

Recommend you two options cycle from which you can choose the most comfortable:

dubitatively cycle: consists of one minute of intense running (speed – 7-9 km/h), and three-minute interval of fast walking or Jogging (speed 4-6 km/hour).

techincally cycle: includes three one-minute interval walk (3-5 km/h), Jogging (4-6 km/hour), intense running (6-9 km/h).

To begin training should always warm-up Jogging a duration of 3-5 minutes and consist of at least two-interval 4 cycles and 3 techinterview.

To increase the effectiveness of interval running for fat loss gradually increase the load. Increase speed intensive running (intensive and moderate Jogging when trigeneration cycle) on average by 0.5 km/h every 4-6 workouts, and gradually extend your high-speed running to three minutes (but no more!) and the number of cycles to seven.

To interval running on the treadmill gave good results not only in the fight against excess weight and volume, but also in the fight against cellulite, on the interval Jogging and walking slightly raise the angle of the incline of the treadmill by 4-6%. With the same acceleration run only on a horizontal canvas.


The proposed scheme of training interval running are approximate. Adjust to the intensity and duration of the run so that the pulse after each intense interval ranged between 60-70% of the individual maximum and does not exceed 80% at the end of the run. This will be advisable to get a heart rate monitor.

Individual maximum is calculated by the formula: 220 – age

You need to control your breathing. It should be deep and smooth: 1.2 – inhale, 3,4,5 – do exhale. Avoid dry mouth breathe through your nose.

When running always keep the body straight, not pulling forward, head and back straight, shoulders straightened. The foot place smoothly. To reduce the load on the spine is often recommended to run “on toes”. Work with the hands.

Never abruptly stop, and, moreover, do not sit or bend down. If you feel worse go smoothly. Always finish the workout with intervals of slow Jogging or walking.

The best time to exercise is the morning. If Jogging time – day or evening you go through 1.5-2 hours after eating and do not eat within two hours after exercise carbohydrate foods. But don’t forget about the reception of water, so as to drink in small portions not only possible, but necessary.

Do not overload the body! Interval running is enough to do from 20 to 50 minutes 2-3 times a week. More time and training is not justified and may lead to undesirable consequences (loss of muscle glycogen, a disorder of the heart).

Contraindications to interval running

Diseases and injuries of the joints and spine.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Varicose veins.

Treat the run not only as beneficial for health and shape the lesson, but also as a pleasant pastime. Put on your headphones player, turn on your favorite music, and ahead of interval running towards the cherished dream!