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Increased endurance

Did you ever feel weakness and fatigue in the beginning of the day, was such that even a short walk in the fresh air caused the feeling of exhaustion, not to mention the intense physical activity and training. Blame poor endurance, which makes the body more vulnerable and unable to do her favourite things, as the forces on them are left. Endurance is not an innate ability, it develops over the years through constant training and effort. So if your endurance is poor, do not rush to get upset, to lose heart and to accept the fact that you will end up denied many of the joys of life. Endurance can be trained and improved, and, moreover, in a

very short time, just enough to regularly give this issue a sufficient amount of time and effort. There are several ways to increase endurance, but all of which together will allow you to get the maximum effect and not to remember the weakness and fatigue.

Increased endurance

Sports load

The first and most effective way to increase endurance is regular exercise, which contribute to the health, for what you did. If you come to the gym, you realize that your strength is dried up immediately after a workout, muscles are quivering, and the breath goes astray, your stamina needs urgent training. The key to improving endurance is the continuity of the practice, as every coach will tell you that the muscles begin to work and train only after you can manage the time of basiliani and maximum voltage. If every time, feeling the slightest fatigue, you will stop and rest, we will never get the desired result. As already mentioned, exercise regularly, but what exactly, you have to determine yourself. Rate the level of your preparation and will focus on the sport, which at this stage you most suitable. If the load is very weak, neither of which endurance could not be and speeches, you just wasted your time by attending such trainings. In the course you should feel fatigue and stress. But do not overdo it and do not overload your body. ‘t handle immediately because you couldn’t. Too intense workout with excessive load is not going to benefit. Choose a middle ground, and as soon as you feel that your muscles still load already is easy, it can slightly increase, doing so every time the class seems easy.


Of great importance in the process of resilience is emotional state and desire to make yourself better. If you will feel the support and belief in our own strength, any, even the most difficult exercise you will be on the shoulder. Therefore, the result depends primarily on your coach. If he will always charge you with positive, cheer and praise, it will become an additional stimulus for you, and exercise will bring even more pleasure. You must agree when you say nothing you will not succeed what your options are quite limited, and you will achieve nothing, lost all desire to something to strive for. If you personally don’t forget about the music, since she also has a huge impact on your physical endurance. Based and more fun will be music for your workouts, the easier and more interesting they will be. Try during training not to think about problems at work or any of life’s difficulties, are fully tune in to class, otherwise emotional fatigue can turn into physical and negatively affect the result.

Proper nutrition

Don’t forget that the body constantly needs power that he is given the foods you and before intense physical exertion of these forces is particularly important. That is why it is so important to eat properly, not only including in your diet with healthy foods, but also competently making diet. Shortly before training snack, giving preference to protein foods, as it is the main building material for muscles. Do not skip Breakfast, especially if you exercise in the morning. As for diet, you should include more fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable fats and whole grains. Prefer cereals, white meat and lean fish, avoid fast foods, canned and convenience foods, eat only healthy and nutritious food, and then your body will get enough energy. Don’t forget about water, which is the main source of strength and power regulator. The norm is 1.5 l of water or 8 glasses a day. Don’t forget that the diet should be balanced and measured. Reduce the portion size and increase the number of meals it will not only not feel hunger during the day, but also to normalize the blood sugar level, which directly affects endurance. When you feel lack of energy, but in excess it tweaked as fat in the most conspicuous places.

The daily routine

It is clear that for increasing stamina requires regular and continuous training, however, in the pursuit of perfection, we should not forget about common sense. Rest is equally important for the body than exercise and proper nutrition. Making the plan of action for the day, don’t forget to include time for rest. During the working day, enable your body and mind to relax and relieve stress. During the break, go outside, get some fresh air, put aside all the problems and worries and just relax. Do not forget about the full sleep, which shall be not less than 8 hours a day. The only way your body can gain strength and prepare for future loads.

To increase strength, you must give up bad habits as Smoking and alcohol significantly impair the ability of the body and adversely affect its operation. Even with proper diet and regular workouts, you will not be able to get the result that you expect, unless you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Characteristics of the organism

Each person is different and what is good for one may be disastrous for another. Therefore, to find methods of improving endurance is necessary, considering all the features and quality of your body. For some the problem is excess weight, for someone in the lack of muscle mass or inability to breathe properly. For maximum results it is necessary that each of the above items was normal, and do not hinder your workouts. During sports try to follow the instructions of the coach and breathe properly, let’s load on those muscles, you are the weakest, and don’t forget about diversity, regularly changing the intensity and types of exercises.

Optimal sport that combines all of these features, is swimming. It combines and breathing exercises, and muscle training almost the entire body, and pleasure classes, as well as strengthening the body as a whole. So, if you haven’t decided on the sport, start with swimming, thanks to which you will not only improve endurance, and increase flexibility and strengthen the spine. But do not forget that before you engage in any sport, you must ensure that you have no contraindications and health problems that exercise did not cause complications and lead to undesirable consequences.