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How useful and dangerous physical activity in the stomach ulcer

With the development of stomach ulcers people almost can’t move because of the disease almost completely suppresses motor activity. The thing is that the ulcer is an open wound into abdominal cavity and it appears when the gastric juice eats away at the fabric. Scientists were able to prove that the manifestation of ulcers promotes microbe Helicobacter. No coincidence, experts recommend to comply with bed rest and during acute physical activity in the stomach ulcer is considered contraindicated.

Physical activity in the development of pathology

Sports in the stomach ulcer is permitted only in remission stage of the disease. Created full set of exercises, which allows to significantly improve the blood flow in the abdominal cavity and to restore the metabolic processes. But in the organization of physical activity the patient should be required to monitor your health. Even with minimal negative dynamics exercise program should be adjusted by the physician or cancelled altogether.

During rehabilitation after an exacerbation of the disease physical exercise can improve the blood flow in the abdominal cavity and to enhance the recovery processes in the body, as well as to ensure the rapid healing of tissues. A special set of exercises gives you the opportunity to overcome the side effects of gastric ulcers, such as lack of appetite, congestion, constipation, etc. Actual metered load helps to restore the secretion, motility and absorption in the digestive organs.

What is the role of physical activity

Feasible physical activity restore the vegetative body of a person suffering from ulcer, stimulate metabolism, tone the body and improve immunity. Exercises help to restore the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain, which helps to overcome stress. Another important factor — is the fact that during the occupation of physical activity the patient is able to independently participate in the processes of healing and recovery. All this allows you to feel the confidence and strength.

Nutrition in the development of gastric ulcers

Patients with stomach ulcer simultaneously with the treatment of classical ways of medicine is necessary to observe strict diets. The diet should include large amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and mineral salts. At the same time it must be ensured that the food was gentle and does not irritate mucous surface of the stomach and intestines. Be necessary to exclude the consumption of salty, spicy, acidic foods, solid food. It would be better if the set of products of the patient includes pureed soups, mashed potatoes, cereal and other similar food.

This is important! A very important point is the maintenance of normal body temperature, and frequency of meals. Products should not be very cold or hot, and eat the best possible fractional, small portions with a break of three — four hours.

People’s ways of treating stomach ulcers also well proven for prevention of progression and complications of disease, but their use must be aware of the possibility of existence of complications involving immediate surgical intervention in the disease process. Thus, with the appearance of severe pain in the stomach, a rapid rise in temperature, decrease in blood pressure need to seek urgent medical help.

Exercise during remission of the disease

Exercises on abdominal breathing — on the inhale you need to drop the aperture and bulging belly. On the exhale should be deleted from the belly and lift the diaphragm. When playing reverse breathing is required to pull the belly on the inhale and down on exhale, exerting maximum muscle effort.

The following exercise — the leg swings. Flick right foot, you need to get your left hand, then exhale and return to starting position. The same steps you want to play with the left foot.

This is important! Another equally useful exercise: lie on your back, hands down at your sides. Then raise the hands up, beginning to pull left knee to the stomach and inhale, after that, it was the same with the right leg.

And the last exercise: lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, legs bent at the knees. The pelvis must be lifted up and after — lower down.

These exercises help restore the stomach, but they can perform only with the onset of a period of remission of the disease.