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How to train mental and physical endurance?

The main ” Problems and solutions ” How to train mental and physical endurance?

When we talk about «endurance», we mean the balance of power and energy that we need for a long time. Of course, most often, the word refers to physical exercise — sports or extreme activities. Nevertheless, endurance can also applies to mental stress, to be required to solve mental tasks or searching for a way out of difficult situations. If we are interested in the systematic improvement of the quality of our

lives, increasing both levels of endurance (physical and mental) will bring great results!

METHOD 1. Improve physical endurance

1.1. A healthy, balanced diet

Food — it is the fuel by which our body gets energy. Proper, well-balanced diet helps the body to remain in good shape, increasing its endurance. Try to limit your fat intake, eat lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. To maintain optimum energy levels, the doctor recommended to increase the level of carbohydrates in the diet to 1/3. Please note, the carbohydrates are divided into fast and slow. So the question in this case is «slow» carbohydrates.

Increase the number of meals to 5-6 a day, most importantly, eat small meals.

Don’t forget about heavy Breakfast, heavy lunch and a light dinner

1.2. The combat dehydration

The benefits of regular consumption of water extends far beyond dehydration. Water helps flush toxins from the body, is conducive to liquefy excess weight, prevents the formation of kidney stones and does in our body a lot of useful «cases». Our muscle tissue properly hydrated can significantly increase endurance during exercise. Just half a liter of water drunk a few hours before exercise, will help improve the results.

The so-called «energy» good only for a short tone. On a long term basis they are quite effective. This applies to mental and physical activity.

1.3. Sports

Although in the short term, sports and tiring us — they increase the overall level of energy and increase endurance in the long run. For an adult it is recommended to spend at least 150 minutes a week to commit to cardio-strengthening exercises. Aerobics, running, dancing are beneficial to our cardiovascular system.

Much nicer to do the kind of sport that’s more fun: bike riding or skiing, roller skating, dancing, climbing — in a variety of sports offers every person can find something of their own.

Move more in the process of the working day. If possible, try to get to work by bike. The more you walk, limit the use of elevators. Stretch occasionally at least every two hours. The more we move, the higher our level of endurance

Despite the fact that physical exercise increases our stamina levels — not less important is the rest. Focused, modal sleep can help the body store energy and boost stamina levels after awakening. Bad habits greatly affect the quality of our sleep, so think several times before you smoke another cigarette or «skip» Cup.

Of course, the need for sleep is different for everyone, but the national Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep per night for adults.

1.5. A gradual increase of the level of stress

If one day we will be able to leave all our bad habits, run 10 miles and sleep for 9 hours — it will not lead to anything but physical exhaustion. To increase the endurance level should gradually recording the weekly indicators and enjoying each small won the victory. Gradually increase the weight of dumbbells, increase the amount of cardiovascular stress — and the result will not keep itself waiting.

If not «educate» themselves — partners and friends will be able to help. They can support us when we are tired, «to Make» us to run a little more, to stump us. when we «surrendered» finally, no one wants to look weak in the eyes of the second half, so — keep family informed of their sports Hobbies.

By the way, improving physical endurance will be beneficial for your sex life.

METHOD 2. Improving mental stamina

2.1. Visualization goals

It is easy to begin to mentally get away if you focus on the difficulties that lie in the details of a task, not a goal that should be achieved. Always keep the end goal in mind when approaching any task — this will help to stay focused and keep you from wasting time on non-existent side tasks.

You can even dream of: imagine yourself the proud owner of a diploma, or a beautiful, slim figure. Such visualization would be beneficial for motivation and help with endurance.

Of course. we face certain obstacles to achieving the goal — it is here that we come in handy mental endurance. She will not «pass» and will help to solve any task.

2.2 Separation of the problem into parts

If you think about the problem as a large, monolithic task — very easy to fall into despair. Instead, you should maintain mental endurance at a higher level — breaking work into smaller, lighter pieces. Fokussierung to start at the starting part of the problem – and gradually move on to others. The feeling of satisfaction that we get from each individual piece completed tasks, will help to stay focused and attentive.

2.3. The creation of ability to concentration

Our brain — not a muscle, but we can «pump». Work on your skill improve concentration and focus on serious work as he worked over the leg muscles in the gym. Gradually increase the duration of mental tasks. Over time, even a large amount of mental work will be easily done.

For example, if a person learns to play the guitar it needs, first, to give myself 30 minutes a day for this activity. Having worked this way for a week, increase the time to 35 minutes. In two months people will be able «to play» an hour! And so throughout.

2.4. Remove distractions

Often people faced with a difficult task, allow yourself to pointless distractions. To keep your mental stamina at a high level — simply remove distractions at the time. If during operation prevent alerts social media — set yourself a schedule, go out there every few hours for 15 minutes. If the reading of the journals distract from writing articles — cease to issue them. Do your best to isolate yourself together with the necessary work — then there will be no excuse for her not to do!

Get familiar with its working mode. Almost every one of us can reduce the number of the «entertainment» time in favor of the necessary work.

2.5. Economical use of stimulants

As we said earlier, coffee and energy drinks can be useful if we want to gain a short term energy boost. However, they are not suitable for permanent endurance. Frequent use leads to addiction and the need to increase the dosage, which, in turn, causes «emergency» the situation in the nervous system.

2.6. Communication with other people

Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on any task because of disturbing thoughts and feelings. Talk with your loved ones, or just with the Trustee. They do not necessarily have to suggest a solution to the problem — sometimes just enough «splash» of itself the accumulated emotions, to give a feeling of freedom.

If the problems seem so personal that to discuss them with anyone you do not want. Discuss them with yourself. Write down on paper all Cho are concerned, and after reading and analysis — burn. Will become easier, check!

Similarly, as to increase the level of physical endurance, the mind requires rest breaks. Walk. look out the window, take a few warm-up exercises, just sit, eyes closed. Amazingly, such respite is able to instill in us «second wind».