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How to pump up the buttocks


Every girl or woman wants to avoid large buttocks. Perfect ass looks proportional, firm, toned and elastic. Knowing how to pump up the buttocks at home well-chosen exercises, girls can quickly give a beautiful shape bottom back and enjoy the admiring glances from men and envious women. In addition, moderately inflated gluteal muscles give additional confidence, the ability to wear things that are still difficult or embarrassing to wear.

What is the buttocks

Gluteal muscles at the end of the spine requires direct gait. On the outside they are covered with a fatty padding.

In fat cells accumulate nutrients. Due to the special unit of women’s fat cells increase in size much faster than men.

If the fat strip is virtually absent or thin by nature, sitting for long periods uncomfortable. Gluteal muscles quickly begin to go numb and numb.

How to lose weight in the buttocks

Body fat lower back, stomach, thighs congregate for various reasons.

Before to train and pump up the buttocks, reduce their large size, eliminate fat stores. Overweight even at rest creates an increased load on the heart and blood vessels. When performing exercises for the buttocks, thighs and belly accumulated fat causes excessive increased heart rate, blood pressure jumps up.

Therefore, before to pump up the buttocks, should reconsider your diet to ensure optimal intake. Eliminate foods with food additives, preservatives. The body is not always able to evacuate through the bowel waste from the processing of these products. As a result of harmful substances accumulate in adipose tissue.

Accumulation of fat on the buttocks, abdomen or thighs is often associated with a slow metabolism.

On the optimal rate of metabolic reactions is affected by hormonal levels, admission to sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals needed daily physical activity.

The rate of metabolism lowers accumulated on the walls of the intestines of harmful substances. Naturally the digestive system is cleared by the regular consumption of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber.

In addition, twice a year need to get rid of intestinal parasites, generates a lot of waste, weaken the immune system and the rate of metabolic processes.

The rate of metabolic reactions is slowed down when fasting, when the body goes into a mode of rigid economy.

How to pull up and pump up the buttocks without special exercises

The simplest exercise for the buttocks and hips gives a morning or evening walk. For the Hiking trail you will most likely need appropriate shoes. On the heels of pleasure and of little use.

Walking in the fresh air, running in the appropriate tempo, pump up the buttocks, tone the muscles, are forced to move the lower back, train the heart and blood vessels, increase blood circulation and lymph circulation, help the body get rid of excess fluid.

More effective exercise to pump up the buttocks and thighs, reduce body fat, regular Jogging in the morning or evening. Initially, the duration of the exercise the gluteal muscles should not exceed five minutes, the pace is moderate. Drawn, you can gradually increase the duration of Jogging for one to two minutes. It is believed that the fat deposits are burned forty minutes.

Tempo treadmill workout calm, measured. Jogging needs easy, to bring strength, not cause dyspnea or fatigue. The main task – getting rid of excess fat, to make the buttocks firmer and more toned.

At first it may seem that the butt has gotten bigger. Feeling extra volume creates an increased tonus of the gluteal muscle, because fat tissue is not yet burned. After some time, large buttocks will begin to decline.

The girls involved in Biking, Jogging, skating, skiing there is almost no need to pump up the buttocks squats, and other exercises. Regular physical exercise a lot of fun, slimmer, make the buttocks firmer.

How to pump up the buttocks at home and at work

Sitting down, every time to remember the goal is to pump up the buttocks, making them resilient.

Simple exercise is performed by sitting: stretch and relax your gluteal muscles, trying to raise the trunk as high up as possible. First, the number of iterations should be small, otherwise unaccustomed ache muscles.

At work during the day often use their own feet. Take the habit to personally visit them in nearby classrooms. Of course, it is easier to Express a request by telephone or electronically, but in this case trains the mobility of the lips and fingers flying across the keyboard. In addition, a small movement – a good prevention of stagnation of blood in the small pelvis.

Take the habit to climb the stairs without using the Elevator. If you allow the mode of operation, during the lunch break to walk around, swapping the buttocks.

How quickly pump up the buttocks effective exercises at home

Regular homework exercises allow us to quickly strengthen the lower back. You should not force the issue and hope that a perfect ass in a week. To achieve results will take at least 1-2 months.


Every workout begins with a warm-up to warm up and prepare to load gluteal muscles. Usually used for walking or running on the spot for 5-10 minutes.

Gluteal muscle training is especially effective during the run, when the heels alternately touch the bottom of the back.

During the warm-up is useful to move around the room on her toes small steps, the training of the thigh and gluteal muscles.

At the end to perform gymnastic exercises for the muscles of the shoulders, the waist, the development of flexibility of the joints.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope warm up, pump up the buttocks and thighs. Performed in an appropriate pace, tone the muscles of the feet, eliminate fat deposits.

First home exercises number of hops is small. To whom this exercise particularly like or brings quick result, after only one session perform 3-5 approaches.


Squats performed at home, quickly pump up the buttocks, they become toned and elastic.

How to pump up the buttocks proper squats:

Place the feet shoulder width apart, back straight. During squats feet not leaving the floor, the load on the legs. Hands on the waist or folded on the back of his head. At first quite a 3-5 approaches 10 smooth squats.

With the growth of home fitness exercise is a bit complicated:

Back straight, feet wider than shoulders, knees bent outward. The torso falls not to the end, stopping for 3 seconds. approximately at the level of the chair seat when the thigh and lower leg form a right angle.

To maximize pump up the buttocks and hips to squat as slowly as possible, without hassle.

Training the gluteal muscles on the bench

To make the buttocks firmer and pumped up, a girl in a complex home exercises should include training on the bench:

Stand straight, feet together, arms along the body. Put your foot on a low bench or chair, to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and legs. To transfer the body weight forward and be on the bench. To return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise, alternately changing legs.

Like sitting to pump up the hips and glutes

Exercise 1 . Sit on your heels with your back straight. Hands on the belt or the back of the head. Slightly raised, lowered alternately lower back to touch the floor on the left and right feet. Train the gluteus muscles, thighs.

Exercise 2 . To sit in Turkish and roll your torso left and right, uploda fat deposits and giving the buttocks a perfect shape.

Exercise 3 . Sit on the floor, legs straight. Alternately stretching his legs forward, to “walk” on the buttocks, the weight of my torso on the left or right side.

Exercise 4 . Sitting on the floor, bend your knees, grab the ankles, elbows between her thighs. To bring together the knees, elbows creating reactive force.

How to build muscle buttocks lying

Exercise 1 . Lying on your back, bend your knees, heels touching the bottom of the back. Hands on the floor, stretched out along the trunk. To raise and lower the pelvis, using the muscles of the buttocks. For maximum results, perform the exercise by holding the bottom of the body on weight, not touching the floor.

Exercise 2 . Lie on your stomach, arms along the body. Inhaling tear the top of the trunk, caving in the back. Straightened the legs rise up to the maximum, the body is tight. On the exhale, take the initial position, to completely relax.

Exercise 3 . Lying on your side, slowly raise and lower the straightened upper leg as high up as possible.

Exercise 4 . Lying on his back, pedaling for 3-5 minutes, portraying Cycling.