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We have already talked about encyclopedia of academician N. M. Amosov “Algorithm Health. People and Society and introduces readers to the most interesting his thoughts on nutrition . But not bread uniform the person is live, and today we will focus on those sections of the book, in which Amos speaks about the importance of

physical activity. Nature has created us for hard work – hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years, man has hunted, gathered edible roots, running away from enemies, adapted for habitation cave or built shacks. And only in very recent times of an eye in historical terms – the benefits of civilization has allowed many of us, especially the elderly, to limit their physical exercise going for a carton of milk or a newspaper. Agree, that is somewhat easier than to do or to drag on the shoulders of the ROE.

And non-working machine quickly fails – car owners know this from experience. Of course, we do not encourage you today to go in search of mammoth, but perhaps the experience of our eminent scientist will help you maintain the health and performance for years to come. Moreover, Nikolai Mikhailovich never give speculative advice. During a long life – he was 89 years old – he is just sick, but overcame ailments will power, relying on his method of physical activity. We offer you excerpts from the book N. M. Amosov.


When forty years ago I a set of exercises and promulgated the idea of heavy loads, many doctors have expressed on this occasion his disapproval, and the expression “running to a heart attack” was applied to me, although I did run did not. Specialists in therapeutic gymnastics is also believed that large loads are dangerous.

Over time the views of the doctors began to change. Now allowed to run after a heart attack. Already it is believed that after the pulse load should be 120 beats per minute. And in fact, if brought himself which physical activity had a farmer walking behind a plow or digger with a shovel, or a hunter, what is our 20-30 minutes of exercise? Or even running? No, for the health needs of large load, otherwise they will not benefit.

The most important rule of training – the gradual increase in the intensity and duration of loads. Therefore, the rate of increase of both should be chosen with a large margin, with the “reassurance” to focus on a “slow” bodies.

With a low initial fitness add loads should be 3-5% per day to be reached, and after reaching the highest rates, the rate of increase drops again. Upper limits opportunities to achieve more than you need is bad for your health.

Of all organs and systems during physical exercise the most vulnerable is the heart. It was his function, and you need to focus with increasing loads.

Exercise can pursue different special purpose, and depending on them to change methods. For one spotlight on the development of the joint after surgery or muscle training after paralysis, for another treatment of asthma, third you need to lose weight. And almost all need to train the cardiovascular system to counter the “diseases of civilization”.


First of all – do I need a doctor?

Usually the authors of popular booklets on exercises say they need. I give such advice will not. Because there is no practical way to get to the doctor who understands the physical education.

The only body that really is in danger if you exercise at detrenirovannogo human heart. However, when the most elementary rules, and this risk is minimal, if the person is not suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Definitely need to consult a physician for people with heart disease or suffered a heart attack. Hypertensive patients with staunchly high pressure (over 180/100). People with angina requiring continuous treatment. Here, perhaps, and all.

The main expression of caution – in the gradual summation of loads. In any case, do not rush to become healthy!

First of all, you need to know your heart rate at rest. The pulse in the sitting position is already possible to estimate the condition of the heart. If men, he at least 50 blows – well, at least 65 strikes – well, 65-75 – directly above the 75 – bad. Women and young men about 5 strokes more often.

But that’s not all. It is necessary to evaluate the performance of the heart under relatively small load. You need not quick to climb to the fourth floor and count the pulse. If it is below 100 – well below the 120 – well below the 140 – directly above 140 is bad. If bad, then no further testing can not be carried, to start training from scratch.

The next step is to test the heart – lifting on the 6th floor, but for a certain time. First 2 minutes, it is just a normal step. And again to count the pulse. Those who have frequency above 140 beats, more can not try, you have to train.

Here is another way of determining the fitness of the heart: test with squats. Stand in the basic stance, count the pulse. At a slow pace do 20 sit-UPS, lifting his arms up and keeping the body straight and wide spreading the knees apart. The elderly and weak people it is possible to keep a hand over the back of a chair or the edge of the table. After the squats again count the pulse. The excess number of strokes at 25% or less can be considered excellent. From 25 to 50 – well, 50-75 satisfactory, more than 75 bad.

People aged 50 to 70 need to seek indicators of “good” and “satisfactory”, but “excellent” is achievable. Those who have crossed the age of 70, is quite satisfactory indications, but it is not necessary to abandon the indicator of “good”.

A modest goal, and tools available – here’s what you need to start. However, at this stage, the load should not be too easy. Do not believe that health can attain by making 5-10 movements of the hands or legs that just go through a day in the mile in 20 minutes. It is practically useless.

There is a minimum load. You can start with my set of exercises or any other. To heart no matter what muscles are working, it is important oxygen demand, which makes the body during the exercise, and duration of exercise.

Each type of workout has its pros and cons. Training effect for the heart of the largest in the running, but all other types of training is quite effective if you set a pace that will cause the heart rate to 100-120 beats.

Walking is the most natural load. Her training effect depends on distance eat and rapid pulse.

Gymnastics is not particularly powerful, but it has other advantages: develops the joints, strengthens the ligaments and muscles.

Here is my set of exercises, to which I daily add other loads (mainly running)

The forward bends.

Tilts to the side, hands glide along the body, from the knee to the armpit.

Lifting the hand throwing them behind his back. The palm touch the opposite shoulder blades.

The trunk rotation with a maximum range of motion.

Alternately pulling legs to her stomach, standing up.

Sitting on the stool, the maximum bending back and forth. Foot mounted.

Squats, holding onto the back of a chair.

Push-UPS from the couch.

Jumps on one leg.

Each exercise I do at the fastest possible pace a hundred times. The whole complex is 25 minutes.

Not everyone requires so many movements, but less than 20 to do useless – no effect.

Get involved in gymnastics is necessary gradually, as in other types of training. Start with 10 movements, and then add 10 each week.

In General, all these figures are more for orientation than for scrupulously observing them.

And last. Man who cares about his fitness, Elevator (especially up to the 4th floor) generally should not use it, as well as a transport if the journey takes no more than 15 minutes on foot.

We would add again that often repeats Nikolai Amosov. First, his advice is guidance. No one better than you knows your body, its needs and opportunities. Secondly, remember that if the youth in your sports there is an element of vanity is to achieve a beautiful figure or overtake others, those who are over 60, it is more important to maintain the health, efficiency, peace of mind – what is now called quality of life.