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How to exercise on the elliptical treasure

Elliptical trainers were invented less than 20 years ago. But during this short historical period of time they became very popular among professionals, and among those who like to engage in domestic aspects. Really, this cardio makes optimal conditions for the development of almost all available muscle groups, with «harmful» loading on the joints is virtually nonexistent.

The popularity of the elliptical trainer.

Many fitness centers tend to equip their facilities with a sufficient number of elliptical trainers. Naturally, among them, the chain of fitness clubs «Marcus Aurelius». By the way, this group of equipment is more popular among the guests. Except that here and worked calf muscles, and back muscles, also hips, this simulator allows you to do stretching exercises, for example, popliteal ligaments.

Sessions on the elliptical trainer.

Of course, doing any type of cardio, you should move on «from the everyday to the complex». Thus, we have in mind that the right way to assess your fitness. It must be done so as not to expose your untrained body excessive overloads. Later, if you keep using your initiative half way, you will be able to increase moderately and the intensity of exposure, and the time spent on the simulator.

With all of this at the start really need to get professional advice. For example, «planet Fitness»will make available to you an experienced fitness trainer. able in a short period of time to assess your physical condition, and later, already in agreement with him to pick the right combination of exercises.

Diet during exercises on the elliptical trainer

Naturally, the fight against obesity should not simply be limited to sports activities. You should switch to more healthy foods, such as, for example, offers diet minus 60 Catherine mirimanova. After all, reducing the number of times per day of calories consumed is as principled as the expenditure of energy in the gym.

If the proposed option is not for you, then maybe you will like a watermelon diet. In General, talking about diets, it should be noted that the choice of «» options does not always go smoothly and quickly. After all, most of us do not want to radically change their established tastes.

Features practice

But you should be aware that any configuration in this case will only you and your health benefits. Continuing the conversation about elliptical trainers, it is impossible not to mention that they can be used as equipment for gentle load, while increasing speed — and how power. Naturally, before training on the elliptical trainer should undertake a warm up which should include a variety of squats, bending and stretching.You should also keep in mind that the exercises you do on the elliptical trainer . must have a closed loop, in other words to do less than the recommended time will not be useful, but quite the opposite.