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How to choose a treadmill for home?

Each of us has a dream to have a healthy, beautiful body and love yourself and, of course, the opposite sex. To achieve this goal, in addition to proper diet and daily regimen, and almost daily exercise. But it is not necessary to buy a gym membership and to sacrifice the last drop of their personal time, running to class after work. You can safely come home and to combine business with pleasure, for example, work out on the trainer and watch an interesting TV show. It is only necessary to approach the selection of the trainer that will meet Your needs. Make the right choice of the simulator is not an easy task. And now we together with You will

find out details and learn about the most popular simulators that can be easily used at home.


One of the most common types of home exercise equipment is the exercise bike . For a small period of time it helps You get rid of excess weight, strengthens the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is only important size to load the muscles. Therefore, for the house it is best to buy a bike with control efforts, this will allow You to control the load. Special built-in screen, you can monitor your heart rate, speed and mileage. And what’s more important – this kind of trainer is ideal for people with injuries of the joints or back. Since the classes in this simulator are performed sitting, it does not give large loads on the spine and joints.

In second place we have – a treadmill . In principle, you can run anywhere in the city, but because of congestion and gas roads, it became almost impossible, and often harmful to health. And in the home treadmill will save You from such problems. Classes on the treadmill will help to strengthen the back muscles, the pectoral girdle and legs.

At the moment one of the most popular types of exercise equipment is an elliptical trainer (also it is called – orbitrek). He is able to give the load on the kinds of muscles that You will never be involved in the occupation on the exercise bike or treadmill. The advantage of it is that all movements are played by running and turns back and forth.

If You not only need to reduce the weight, but also to provide integrated strain on your muscle mass, You will need a rowing machine (successfully mimics rowing). This type of simulator is still more suitable for men.

Another type of simulator belonging to the same category – stepper (simulates climbing stairs). This is a great preparation before class weights.

Strength training

There are trainers that can help build muscle mass – the weight training . The main thing here is not to make the wrong choice of the simulator, since there are several types of strength training are responsible for different muscle groups. When purchasing power of the simulator should take into account some factors:

A variety of exercises. Choosing a trainer for home use, an important factor is its versatility. Namely the ability to engage in the work as many muscle groups.

Load tolerated by the simulator. Despite the fact that the simulator uses the same cables as in the aviation industry, which are considered very high quality and able to withstand up to 700 or 900 kg. still extra insurance can’t hurt, especially when the simulator will be used in the home. Therefore, learn all the details about the machine before you purchase it.

As far as quality painting. At the moment the most durable method is powder coating, which is applied by electromagnetic means. Be sure to ask the seller a question on the painting, especially if you chose the most expensive model.

Size matters. To buy home gyms is very important to have information about the occupied space of this sports complex. As in an ordinary apartment every millimeter is very important.

Adjustment. All the details of the simulator, namely the seat, the handle, the bench should be adjusted for height or horizontally. It is convenient for people with different physique.

We propose to consider several types of strength training.

Power simulator with built-in scales. The name of the simulator for flat goods, which move up and down. In order to change the load it is only necessary to move the locking pin into the desired hole.

The simulator under its own weight. In this kind of simulator is used the body weight of the person who trains You. The load can be changed using the angle of the bench (increase, decrease), and by using extra weights attached to the human body.

Simulator with free weights. The latter category includes barbells and dumbbells. Plus these types of simulators is that the load is not on a particular pair of muscles are involved and other muscles.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, and some free weights . in principle, able to replace a complex multifunctional complex. The main thing is to correctly distribute the load.


When buying a simulator, consider the number of people who will be engaged on it, and their ages. Make sure you know what the weight is calculated with the simulator. And don’t forget to consult with Your doctor about the possibility of classes at this type of trainer. The price of the simulator can vary depending on the fame of the manufacturer, from the design of the simulator and from the equipment of different functions.

The main issue when choosing a trainer is a goal that you have set yourself. Each of us has a great desire to look beautiful. The main tool to achieve this goal, not the trainer, and your own state of mind and just the perfect mood. The main thing is that You have not had the situation where after lots of wasted time and money, bulky simulator is somewhere in a corner of the apartment and dusts.