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Healthy child the influence of the sea on the child’s body

For most parents, summer – this is a serious reason to wonder how’ll spend the holidays with their child in a stuffy, dusty city or near the sea, in the best location for a family holiday in Sunny Turkey. So how to organize a holiday with children so that children grew, increased immunity, and that the vacation was for them interesting and informative?

To strengthen the mental, physical and emotional condition of the child can not think of anything better than to go with children of the sea . Sea in Turkey and the rest and recreation of children. After all, even a simple game on the sand means for the development of a growing organism very much.

Summer holiday in Turkey is a complex of interrelated factors that affect the body of your baby – seaweed, seafood, Yes, even the sound of the waves – all this together gives an amazing effect of health improvement, disease prevention and development of the child’s body. But the main influencing factors are, of course, sun, sea water, sea sand and sea air.

The sun

Sunlight is very beneficial for a child’s body, but you should be careful and sunbathing on holiday in Turkey dosed . Most dangerous the sun is from 11 to 16 hours . so it’s better to be in the shade. Under direct sunlight can a child run in the morning or evening. But still child wear a hat and treat exposed skin with sunscreen

Under the influence of the sun in the skin vitamin D is synthesized . which is primarily needed for bone formation. Rickets (softening of bones) in children is a direct consequence of the lack of “sunshine vitamin”.

Sea water

Swimming in the sea is a great tempering procedure for a growing body, which is useful for the metabolism of the child, as well as for circulation. Salty sea waves gently massage the baby’s body and are beneficial to active points corresponding to the one or the other internal organ of the baby. Bathing in sea water improves the blood circulation and the nervous and endocrine systems, moreover, it is one of the most effective ways of hardening. Salts and minerals dissolved in sea water, it affects a baby’s skin, relieving dryness and flaking. Do not leave kids unattended!

Sea air

In the sea air Turkey contains many crystals of various salts, which possess medicinal properties: improve the regenerative processes in the mucosa of the respiratory tract, strengthen the immune system, contribute to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the bronchi and lungs, enhance expectoration.

The sea air in Turkey to improve sleep, reduce irritability of the child. Even the sea breeze is a natural inhaler, therefore in General use of the child’s stay in the fresh sea air is invaluable to his body. By the way, iodine is useful for the thyroid gland, is absorbed not only from water but also from the sea air. Sea bathing improve the structure of the nails, they become noticeably stronger.

Sea sand

Sea sand has a healing effect on the circulatory system . Thus a prevention against cardiovascular diseases. Helpful and walk barefoot on the sand, while the stimulation of the feet, where there are important reflex points that are connected with all the internal organs.

As you can see, the benefit factor for each marine individually to the child’s body is priceless, and their joint impact on the child at all is beyond words. Go on vacation to Turkey with your child and give him the best vacation of his life!

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