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Isometric exercises in the office, or physical exercises in sedentary work

Isometric exercises in the office (physical exercises) are designed for those who have work related to permanent residence in one place, especially with a seat at the computer. Office staff I feel as bad for the health of sedentary work. So they need a wisely chosen charging in the office .

A constant finding in one unnatural pose (sitting on a chair not quite natural for humans) impairs the blood supply to the muscles and internal organs. This leads, first, to numb and numbness of hands, feet, back, neck

and buttocks, headaches. Problems with hemorrhoids, while men with the prostate gland. Sedentary work “gives” us a wrong posture, which leads to stooped posture, scoliosis and failure of the intervertebral discs. On the background of doing a sedentary lifestyle suffers from cardiovascular system, joints, etc., etc.

That is a sedentary job becomes a cause of systemic disorders in the body and disorder of health.

How to prevent loss of health, working in the office

The only solution is to start moving “office life”.

This means that you need to frequently get up from your Desk chair.

For such a “physical flexing” you can think of plenty of reasons:

– give the employee a document or any affiliation. And don’t be embarrassed that you, being older in age or position, do get up from the chair and not have to summon to his younger comrade, – the authority not won by such methods;

– often come to the window and look into the distance (you can help);

– become a “senior office” for brewing tea or coffee with all the ensuing responsibilities – to get water, fill and boil the kettle, brew drink, etc. Again, your credibility won’t suffer from it;

– go to the bathroom to “pee” at the slightest hint of desire.

Don’t hesitate to often stand up and stretch your whole body – such movement is not in vain that nature invented.

Lunchtime should be an opportunity for you to get out into the fresh air for an active outing – physical flexing. This means that on the street you must cross a few minutes (the more – the better) quick step.

And, most importantly, start to be done every two to three hours of isometric exercises in the office.

Why isometric exercises

Isometric exercises in the office in contrast to other kinds of workout more appropriate for many reasons:

– for the purposes of the following proposed complex does not need to get up from the table. That is, you don’t need to find office space for sports;

– your physical exercises won’t draw attention to yourself, especially at “rush jobs”, when all of the workers gang up against you, considering a bum or anything like that;

– these exercises in the office appropriate for the reason that they can be within just 3-5 minutes to work out the most muscles in the body and accelerate blood circulation;

– isometric charge in the office can be varied, as there are many poses that are easily put together in new complexes.

Complex isometric exercises in the office

Starting position for all poses – sitting on a chair or a chair with your back straight.

1) For your lats (“wings”). Grasp the top in this way: thumbs – on the table, clenched the other fingers under it. The distance between the brush slightly wider than shoulders. Tighten your wings, mimicking the thrust of the table to itself.

2) For the chest muscles. Slightly bent at the elbows connect in front of the castle. Due to the tension the chest muscles push the hand on the palm.

3) biceps. Clenched fists hands under the table top at a distance of shoulder width. Strain your biceps, simulating an attempt to raise the table.

4) triceps. Put clenched fists on the table. Focusing on the tension of the triceps, push it.

5) For the deltoid muscles. Grip fingers below the edge of the chair seat. Due to the tension of these muscles, try to lift your arms.

6) For the extensors of the back. Sitting on a chair with straight back, tighten the muscles in the lumbar area, simulating the deflection of the back ago.

7) For the abdominal muscles. Putting fists on the table, tensed shoulders and triceps, by reducing the press will push the table.

8) For the leg muscles. Straighten your legs, straightening them can be limited by the table. Strain them and imitate attempt to raise the table due to this voltage.

These isometric exercises performed in the office in one approach, one after the other without interruption. Focus on your feelings, then you will be able to do without a warm up.

Before proceeding to carrying out charging in the office . you will be helpful to familiarize yourself with articles on static exercises:

Try to start a physically active “Desk life” and exercises in your office will make your physical flexing a good antidote to sedentary work at work and not only.