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Elliptical trainer global benefits or real harm

What is an elliptical trainer? It’s a kind of collective image of all the most well known sports equipment for the training room. This equipment belongs to the pacemakers. The principle of operation consists in movements resembling a Bicycle or treadmill, but better. The uniqueness lies in the combination of all the most useful and effective aspects of traditional treadmill, bike and spepper. In fact, the elliptical trainer is a substitute of all the basic classes for weight loss — Jogging, walking, stairs, Cycling. Its particularity is the possibility of any trajectory: both forward and backward. In addition, the trainer is

actively working on all muscle groups. Particularly beneficial it affects the spinal cord, calf, hip and chest muscles. In this regard, the comprehensive loss for girls is supplemented by a significant bonus: the formation of a beautiful and firm Breasts. However, the elliptical trainer is renowned for an intense load on the heart, and therefore it has a number of contraindications. If you do not take them into account when buying a projectile, it can cause the owner of serious harm. Elliptical trainer: the benefits and harms of this shell are not equivalent. Some of the harm it can bring only to people with specific contraindications to its use and those who abuse the practice.

Objective use of the simulator

Elliptical trainer or treadmill? Kettlebells are similar to each other providing an impressive cardio. This technique of sport activities is literally a must for those who want to get rid of excess lipid tissue. Our own pulse can not only burn fat, but also accelerate the metabolic process, thereby the prolongation of the achieved results. How healthy is effects famous trainer?

Significantly increases the endurance of man. Lesson on the simulator in the morning gives the body the vigor and tone for the whole day. You will become more active and persistent, you will leave chronic fatigue, any business will be easier;

Cardio can replace you with long-lasting power load or fitness. Users indicate that regular exercise on the elliptical trainer bring much more obvious and quick effect than training in the gym, especially when it comes to losing weight and acquiring relief of muscle;

«Elliptical step», or locomotor activity during the application of the simulator, will force you to concentrate on your own problem areas and quickly sort them out. You will literally feel every muscle will begin to burn fat in the most inaccessible places. It should be noted that such a result comes with fitness only through long hard work;

Rapid loss of excess weight — another «trump» elliptical trainer. Provided proper feeding and prevent harmful habits from your life, you can count on a good visual effect even after a month of regular classes;

You can personally keep track of their own progress and achievements: any upgraded simulator equipped with the necessary sensors to monitor your body weight, calorie consumption and exercise intensity. Mini-computer also helps to find a special individual program to work specific muscle groups and eliminate cellulite.

Contraindications and dangers of simulator

The movement — that’s life. Everyone knows that sport in itself to harm. However, bringing your heart rate to the limit and high cardio can be strictly prohibited to people with certain diseases of the cardiovascular system. If you really want to do on the elliptical trainer — you can do it. However having issues with the heart and blood vessels, try to reduce the intensity of the load. Maybe you don’t so quickly get the result, however, will remain healthy and save yourself from numerous uncomfortable phenomena. We do not recommend sessions with a trainer? The list of diseases in which cardiac load need to fix:

Hypertensive crisis;

Heart failure;

Myocardial Infarction;

Susceptibility to transient ischemic attacks;



Cardiac and bronchial asthma;

Chronic edema;

Cancer processes in the body;


Diabetes under decompensation.

Be careful practicing on the simulator. Quite possibly, you do not even suspect the presence of some chronic diseases. If you feel dizzy, pain in the heart or severe arrhythmia, approaching syncopal condition, severe shortness of breath — to urgently stop the classes and take a break. Later make a more gentle training schedule. Sports activities are always useful for the human body and its physiological functions. Thoroughly study all contraindications, weigh «» «against», build for themselves a standardized training system. Don’t forget rationalized diet — you should always be well fed, consuming healthy nutritious food. Move more in terms of daily loads: skip the Elevator, where possible, walk. Daily exercise on the elliptical trainer. Drink plenty of plain water, eat vitamin complexes in the winter and in the offseason. Fulfilling all rules, you will soon notice significant improvement of their own health, will acquire a beautiful young body with beautiful terrain and taut skin.