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Do not pay for the gym

Small treadmill

Running helps a person to cope with many problems. makes it more healthy, slim and beautiful. Not everyone can run on the street, in a Park, that doesn’t always have enough time, because the house, work and family require care and attention. A good solution to this situation is to buy a treadmill for home. Before buying you need to take her place, so that the treadmill does not interfere with the movement around the room. The best option for her would be separately equipped room where you can go Jogging while listening to music or reading a book.

Sale today you can find tracks of any size, professional-type, semi-professional and home, all of them with different functions. Small treadmill for the house typically has an average length of 160 cm and a width of not more than 70 centimeters, it can be easily fold and store in the pantry, closet or under the bed. There are two types of equipment: manual and electric.

Motorized treadmill

These products are simple in design, compact, can be transformed, does not have a motor, the motion of the cloth is produced by the feet. Simulators of this type have few functions, they are easy to use, can withstand weight up to 100 pounds. Treadmills mechanical type you can buy at a low price.

Electric trainers for running

Treadmills of this type are very popular with buyers, they have an electric motor that moves the fabric for running. Using the controller you can increase or decrease the speed of the blade. Electric small treadmill for home is equipped with Energomera, there are devices to measure heart rate, are sensors for measuring distance running, it works quietly, moving more smoothly. The equipment for running this type of built-ready training programs. There is a cushioning system that allows you to avoid injuries and sprains while Jogging, installed devices monitor the heart rate of a person. The program monitored the heart rate of the runner, all changes are displayed on the computer screen of the simulator, it is especially important for people with heart problems, poor health. Training on such a simulator safe, are carried out more intensively, which allows for a short time to get good results.

What to look for when buying a trainer for running

Heart electric treadmill is the motor, more powerful than he is, the better. For the house is quite suitable trainer with motor 2 horse power, its capacity will be enough for regular Jogging for a long time. When buying equipment you should pay attention to the thickness of the blade running, it must have at least 2 layers, the width of it somewhere half a meter and a length of 1.3 meters. Note the deck in the simulator, it should not be less than 2.5 centimeters, the height makes running safe: soften the blows of a foot and the joints and spine suffer less from stress.


The latest models of of trainers for running equipped with modern cushioning system that allows you to Jogging for people with injuries, diseases of joints and spine. Good resistance gives the treadmill base – steel frame, which is the canvas and deck. Equipment for home runs has a steel frame, and more expensive models of trainers are made of aluminum frames. They are very durable, light, not afraid of corrosion.

Exercise equipment for the home has gained popularity not only in our country, but abroad, they are the exercise equipment for running, allow to improve health, save time on going to the gym, help to improve health and wellbeing. Enough to spend just fifteen minutes a day and you will feel like you back the energy, strength and health. The sooner you start Jogging on the treadmill, the better will be the results: normalized respiratory system, the heart will begin to work without interruption, will strengthen the immune system of the body, the body will become fit and athletic, and depression and anxiety will recede into the background. Consider some models of treadmills for the home in more detail.

Mechanical trainer from the company HouseFit has a foldable design, there is a sensor for measuring heart rate, backlit display that shows your speed, the length of the distance. The simulator can withstand a maximum load of 110 pounds and features a cushioning system design weighs only 23 pounds.

Electrical trainer for running from the company Brumer has motor 0.75 HP, he foldable type, the canvas is wide enough for running: has a length of 98 inches and a minimum width of 36 inches. The canvas moves with a maximum speed of 10 km/hour, all the readings are transmitted to a color display that shows speed, calories burned, length of the course. This design is mounted on a durable aluminum frame, easy to fold and carry, it can withstand the maximum weight load up to 100 pounds.