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The best breathing exercises qigong and Jansen

With the help of simple and easy-to-learn exercises Chinese breathing exercises from traditional systems of qigong and Jansen we can significantly improve your health, increase mental and energetic tone, cleanse the body from toxins and prolong your life.

Through these exercises the Chinese gymnastics we will accelerate blood circulation, increase the flow of oxygen in the blood. The blood will carry life-giving oxygen throughout Your power system. The organs and energy centers of the body will receive a long-awaited breath of energy, and the

body an energy boost.

As Chinese gymnastics exercises can help you?

These exercises:

Rejuvenate Your body and relieve fatigue

Ensure a plentiful supply of oxygen in the blood, accelerate the metabolism, remove excess weight, will be taken from your body of unwanted guests — harmful substances (toxins, slags, salts)

Will strengthen the muscles, tendons and joints

Improve blood circulation and energy circulation

Shall cleanse the internal organs and energy structure of the body

Special breathing exercises Chinese gymnastics will teach You to obtain vital energy from the air we breathe for:

Healing from various diseases and rejuvenation of our body

Supply of all organs and energy systems of the body

The saturation energy centers

What is the reason of the amazing efficiency of the Chinese gymnastics exercises?

Primarily, this is because most of the energy we get from food. Internal organs break down food into necessary and unnecessary substances. Unnecessary substances leave the body through sweat, urine and feces. The desired substance is converted into energy. For turning food into energy requires oxygen. The body breathes, digests food. If the oxygen is low, the body will not digest completely, even the most delicious, healthy and nutritious food. Hence sickness, poor health, overweight, fatigue, and as a consequence poor quality of life.

Doing special breathing exercises Chinese gymnastics we pomogu lungs to get more oxygen, which further gets into the circulatory system and blood, abundantly rich in oxygen will stream faster through our veins. This thread is quickly withdraws from the body of toxic substances, the body will get a new supply of energy and we will become younger, stronger, healthier, sexier.

In China, many top-level executives, business leaders and government officials are doing special breathing exercises to instantly relieve fatigue and irritation in the right moment and in a matter of seconds take an important decision. After these exercises easier to think, because the farms are full of energy.

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Therefore, breathing exercises Chinese gymnastics can be successfully used including in their professional activities. If You are a businessman or a Manager, a few minutes spent doing special breathing exercises before an important negotiation or before making important decisions will help You better to solve important and difficult task.

Fear, uncertainty, anger or some kind of obsession should not imprint on an important decision. All the troubles and mistakes come from bad feelings and random thoughts. Your mind must be clear, clean and extremely focused on solving a single problem. Then You can make an informed and correct decision, which will not have to regret afterwards.

If You are a doctor, teacher, sales representative, respiratory Chinese exercises You can lift your mood and confidence. Your interlocutors will see a good-natured, open-minded person, radiating confidence and peace of mind, to assist in solving their problems. People who come into contact with You will think: “This is a serious man. He can be trusted”.

And, of course, Chinese gymnastics will just need to get rid of negative emotions received at work before coming home to his family. Because it is often coming home with a bad mood after work, we lose loved ones. As a result, family relationships are bursting at the seams: the wife (husband) left (left), with children and no contact.

Doing special breathing exercises at the end of the day, You’ll be able to “reboot” before coming home. And the picture will be very different. Glad you are home, home happy. You will be able to fully relax and warm your soul in the warmth of love of family home.

But the uniqueness of our course in that it not only takes from Your body of harmful substances that have accumulated over the years are not always optimal functioning of the body. (Of course, when used regularly, at least three times a week classes), and together with toxins and slags will remove the oppressive thoughts, obsessions and other unnecessary mental wormhole. And not even the fact that simultaneously with the withdrawal of harmful substances, the body will suck the life energy.

In addition, the practice of special psycho-technical exercises and meditation will fill Your soul and mind with good thoughts, warm feelings, good memories. Practice special psychotechnical exercises and meditations — Your work on the quenching of the spirit, which is:

Fatigue (physical and mental)

Brings to our soul with peace and harmony

Stimulates the growth of Your spiritual development

Sharpens the senses, refines perception

Perceptions of the world around You

Improves mental health, increases stress resistance

Purifies the energy channels of the body and imbues their subtle energy

Enhances the charm and charisma, improves relationships with people

Helps get the energy of nature

Teaches us to serve others, to demonstrate unselfishness and generosity

Discover the complex exercise “ultra-Efficient breathing exercises Chinese centenarians”. To master it is a snap.

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