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Breathing exercises for weight loss

Marina Korpan – renowned expert on the practice of “bodyflex”, “oxidize” and other breathing techniques for weight loss. In addition, it is the most popular instructor of the channel “Live”. What it offers for weight loss cannot be called a diet, but this weight loss method is actually very effective. Special breathing techniques are used for weight loss for a long time and based on yogic breathing practices. But Marina Korpan has adapted them specifically for weight loss. More precisely

not personally, she and Greer Childers. It is the book this author “to lose Weight in 15 minutes” helped Marina to win the innate completeness. Doing complex “bodyflex” in a short time it dropped about 25 kg and decided to teach this method of losing weight other people. This breathing exercises by thousands of people normalize their weight, strengthened muscles and improved their health.

Here is how the mechanism of action of its methodology Marina herself: “you must Breathe to bring oxygen to those parts of the body where there is excess fat. Fat cells do not destroy miraculous creams, body wraps and slimming tea. They burn up during the breathing exercises when they receive oxygen. Just breathe in a special way every morning on an empty stomach 20 minutes. The result can be obtained in a week exercises to lose 5 cm of waist circumference.”

Learn proper breathing independently, but it is best to get first lessons from a qualified coach, who will explain all the details of this process and will give you proper breathing.

The technique of losing weight by breathing is quite simple. Every morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of clean water and do the following breathing exercise.

Breathing exercises for weight loss Marina Korpan:

Stand up straight, place your right hand on your belly. Nose take a deep slow breath, and slowly breathe out through your mouth. Try that when breathing felt your belly, and less of your chest. This so-called diaphragmatic breathing. It contributes to the filling of oxygen is not only the apex of the lungs, but their lower parts. Repeat this breathing three times.

Then just take slow deep breaths through the nose and two short sharp up-inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose with a sharp short to two-exhales. Repeat this breathing three times.

After that a new cycle is 3 times normal breathing through the nose while exhaling through the mouth, and 3 times breathing with inhalation and exhalation.

Do these breathing exercises 15-20 minutes each morning, and by 10 days your waist will decrease by 10 cm. In any case, in this assured all gathered Marina Korpan in the transmission Gennady Malakhov ” Let them talk”.

The first time you may suffer from dizziness, therefore, increase exercise time gradually. You can perform these exercises during the day.

But do not overdo it, as the wrong exercises can harm your health.

During weight loss by Korpan will be helpful if you will follow some dietary restrictions. Although it is believed that it is possible not to change the power mode, the Marina itself adheres to the following rules in the feed:

Rules slimming Marina Korpan:

– drink more water;

– reduce your portions and eat a teaspoon – so you will eat less food and will be filled;

– often eat boiled chicken, fish and salad – this dish does not contain carbohydrates and promotes weight loss;

– try to eat Breakfast, eat more often but in small portions;

– replace harmful products healthy and natural

Will also be useful if such breathing for weight loss you will add more classes and a set of exercises “modifies”. It is not complicated. Most of the exercises focused on stretching and proper breathing. Most importantly, what would you do on a daily basis and constantly. Only then will you be able to win their weight in order to look as beautiful as Marina Korpan.