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Why Tibetan berries?

Wonder Goji berries have long held the wizards in the transformation of a figure in a seductive, elixir for many illnesses, antidepressants and storehouse of vitamins. The use of Goji berries started Tibetan medicine and Chinese doctors. Do not reject their healing qualities and modern doctors . Goji berries have become an indispensable product for young and old. For every person in them is from one to ten useful properties.

The content

Prevent the aging of cells

A large number of antioxidants (vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, enzymes) in Goji berries helps to slow down the aging of delicate skin and internal organs.

Normalize the nervous system

Affecting the human body separately, Goji berries stabilize overall his work. Strong body – strong nerves and steady mood.

Support normal blood pressure

Hypertension is a modern affliction of millions of people. For 35 years, suffering from high blood pressure was not 600 million and a billion. Berries are rich in polysaccharides, relaxing arteries and capillaries, from which the pressure is stabilized.

Help to normalize sugar in the early stages of diabetes

Polysaccharides in the berries help to develop the necessary insulin that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. It is the excess of this substance causes diabetes .

Help to leave “bad” cholesterol

The composition of fruits Goji prevents the build up of plaques in blood vessels, causing strokes and heart attacks. Berries promote good blood flow.

Help cure erectile dysfunction

The Chinese do not know the difficulties with potency due to the properties of Tibetan berries. Their regular consumption helps men until old age to pamper their wives.

Accelerate metabolism

The healing properties of Goji berries allow fuller to absorb the useful elements and from slags and other waste products to get rid. Exchange of substances are very important for maintaining overall good condition of the body.

Reduce excess weight

The consumption of Goji berries for weight loss is practiced among world stars. The secret of fruit – in the improvement of metabolism, the speed of which depends on the thickness of fat at all problematic parts of our body.

Ease migraine pain

The analgesic property of the berries used in traditional Chinese medicine. 50 g of fruit insist week in a half liter 45-degree Chinese vodka and take a tablespoon in the morning and at night.

Relieve insomnia

Many studies found that people taking the berries were better to fall asleep and stay asleep. They can just add in your tea or sprinkled on your favorite cake, you can drink the juice from them.

Improve eyesight

The presence in the berries of b vitamins And improves vision, makes it sharper, allows you to quickly adapt to the eyes in the twilight. And Goji make an excellent prevention of diseases of ageing the eye.

Contribute to the growth of the young organism

The benefits of carotene in carrots to kids telling since childhood. Its level in Tibetan berries is much higher. When used correctly they will help the child to begin actively added growth. If an adult needs to eat 15 grams. fetuses, children 2-5 years need a third dose, from 5 to 13 – 7-8 berries, with 14 years – full adult rate.

Strengthen bones and weakened muscles

Goji help you better absorb calcium in the bone tissue. But the presence of L-glutamic acid helps to increase muscles.

Establish the activity of the digestive tract

Berry juices Goji relieve the symptoms of gastritis, indigestion, improve the production of intestinal juice. The fiber contained in fruits, helps in better digestion.

Adjust for renal function

Supercontinuum property berries prized in Chinese recipes treating renal system. Their powerful antioxidants regulate the kidneys. helping the output of waste products, protect the organs from toxins.

Improve memory

Good blood flow to the brain helps to better supply it with valuable vitamins and oxygen. This has a positive impact on the mindset of the sector and the short-and long-term memory.

Soothe cold symptoms and cough

The nutrients in berries strengthen the immune system, helping it to resist pathogens. The main precaution is not to eat the fruit in high temperatures.

Struggling with stress

The nutrients in the fruit contribute to the rapid recovery of energy during rest, which helps to Wake up in a good mood. Enough sleep, the body responds less to result in irritation.

Increase energy of the body

Rich in vitamins helps the body to always be in good shape. And established bodies does not distract from the normal life.

Are natural antidepressants

Goji stabilize the nervous system, making it a little sensitive to external stimuli, and their soft impacts’t break the routine of your working day.

Restore reproductive function

Women berries develop ovarian activity, men – multiply the number of active sperm. Plus — the increased level of testosterone because of these berries awakens the desire.

Increase the chances of conception

Due to activation in men sperm and normalization in women, hormonal background, are created good conditions for successful fertilization of the egg.

Awaken the feminine energy, minimizing the symptoms of menopause

Normalization berries hormonal background of women helps reduce the symptoms of menopause. And thanks to the anaesthetic fruit ability, decrease accompanying the menopause headaches and tides-tides.

Increase resistance to bacteria and viruses

Thanks bituminosulfonate fruits, activates the immune system. With the consequence that any germs are very difficult to get into the body.

Help the development of lymphocytes

Berries help the revitalization of the white blood cells. I.e. if a person gets sick, eating fruit accelerates the fight against foreign microbes and eliminates viruses.

Warn cancer

The content in the fruits of Germany, known as the anti-cancer element, prevents the development of gene mutations. People predisposed to cancer, is to prevent to consume 15 grams of fruit.

Reduce side effects after chemotherapy and harmful radiation

Goji berries help to produce T-cells, IL-2, IgA and IgG. They contribute to improving the response of the immune system to radiation exposure.

Increase the capacity of the heart muscle

Found in the Tibetan fruits anthocyanins strengthen the heart. They support the integrity of the heart coronary arteries.

Adjust the activity of blood vessels

Fruits supply blood plasma lipoproteins and protein, strengthening blood vessels. These substances to the walls of blood vessels do not allow to weaken and force developed by the cholesterol to be transported around the body.

From berries to create cocktails

Smoothies from berries nutritious, help in supplying the valuable minerals of many body systems. It is better to drink freshly made.

They make refills

Salads with berries are prized by many chefs. In the recipe of Goji berries is dominated by combination with Apple and lettuce.

Add to entrees

The fruit is added to soups, give it piquancy. They should throw, when the dish is almost ready. So the nutrients are not destroyed.

Make seasoning for 2 meals

Flavoring food with Goji, you provide the body with vitamins. However, the berries should not simmer or boil.

With them create a diet

Due to the low caloric content of these berries, they can bite and flavoring tasteless diet food. Besides the berries due to the amount of fiber fill in the intestine, decreasing appetite.

Make sweets for the kids