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Morning exercise as a crying need

Morning exercise — it is a complex of physical exercises designed to prepare your body to work after a night’s sleep. Estimates of the Montreal Bureau of applied statistics (Montreal Bureau of applied statistics) daily morning exercises makes 300 million people, equivalent to only 4% of the total population of the planet. Among this number […]

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Load and rest as the most important elements of the impact of physical exercise on the human body.

Load regulation and its combination with the rest represent one of the most important foundations on which the use of physical exercises by solving a variety of problems in physical education. Load in physical education is a quantitative measure of the impact of physical exercise on the body. . Any load associated with the consumption […]

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Why Tibetan berries?

Wonder Goji berries have long held the wizards in the transformation of a figure in a seductive, elixir for many illnesses, antidepressants and storehouse of vitamins. The use of Goji berries started Tibetan medicine and Chinese doctors. Do not reject their healing qualities and modern doctors . Goji berries have become an indispensable product for […]